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Orlando Summer League 2015: Lotto picks Aaron Gordon, Mario Hezonja, Stanley Johnson, Frank Kaminsky, Justise Winslow, and Myles Turner putting in work

Some of these lotto picks don't look like they're two years away from being two years away

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

While the Utah Summer League tips off today at 5 pm, a few timezones to the East we have the Orlando Summer league heading into Day 3. And let's be real, some guys have been putting in work. I can only hope that the players in the USL are as ready to go as the guys in the OSL. In Orlando we've seen lotto picks, either in their second year or their rookie year, step up and play like confident young men. But more than that, we've seen some of these guys clearly establish themselves as future NBA players, and perhaps a few of them look like future stars. Against the summer league fodder you have to come out and show that you are just that much better than anyone else. And guys like Aaron Gordon have to do that. By the same token, so does Dante Exum over in the USL, but we'll see if that's the case. But for now, check out these lotto picks doing lotto pick things!


Aaron Gordon, #4 Pick, 2014:

The #4 pick of the 2014 NBA Draft didn't look like much for the Orlando Magic last year. But in one game he busted out for 22 points and 18 rebounds. His two blocks were just icing on the cake.


Mario Hezonja, #5 Pick, 2015:

This guy is all business, and yeah, he hit the game winner as well.


Stanley Johnson, #8 Pick, 2015:

Stanley started off with 14 points, but in game two he exploded for 24. Ridic!


Frank Kaminsky, #9 Pick, 2015:

Frank the Tank started things off with a 19 and 12 game. In Game 2 he only had 14 points with 2 blocks, but he looks good.


Justise Winslow, #10 Pick, 2015:

Winslow dropped 15 and 14 in consecutive games. Solid.


Myles Turner, #11 Pick, 2015:

A lot of Jazz fans, myself included, wanted the Jazz to get Turner. His 20 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks, and outside shooting is kinda why.


Other, non-lotto guys, had good games too. Aaron Harrison had 16 and 8. Ryan Boatright had 23 points. How will Trey Lyles, the #12 pick, do today in Utah? Oh, yeah. Sorry. Too soon. At least Dante should be able to put on a show.