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NBA Free Agency 2015: 10 Best Shooting Guards and Small Forwards available

There's slim pickings after the first week of Free Agency

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We're at that point in NBA Free agency where it's just easier to list which players remain to be picked up by any team, instead of listing all the players who have. If you are a team that has cap space available, like the Utah Jazz, you may find yourself trying hard NOT to pay one of these guys. Now, every NBA player has talent and ability, it's just that many of these guys are either over the hill, aren't going to get you over the hump, or just don't have a great future. And then there's LeBron James, but still, there's not much left to be had. Of course, if your major core rotation appears to already be set, like the Utah Jazz, then maybe all you need is to fill in the gaps. With all the moves that are yet to be made, this list will surely have to be updated in another week's time. But until we get there, here are the top 10 best available and/or remaining point guards (in alphabetical order):


1. Alan Anderson -- For some reason the Brooklyn Nets want to make this guy a priority. He's a solid bench guy, but he's not really someone I would call a priority. The 32 year old swingman has played in Italy, Russia, Croatia, Israel, Spain, and the NBA DL before returning to the NBA. In his last four seasons, two with the Toronto Raptors and two with the Nets, he hasn't set the world on fire. He did average 7.4 ppg last season, while doing some work on the glass and not being a ball hog. Is this guy worth a lot? His defense is solid, but ultimately I don't find much to get excited about with this guy.

2. Gerald Green -- This guy is Mr. Excitement. Can you believe that this guy is 29 years old and has somehow been in the NBA for 8 seasons already? He's at his physical peak and his high flying game is one of the best in the league. But at his age and experience it's all downhill from here and I hope he has learned some other skills to keep him in the NBA. I think he has, as he played much more under control under Jeff Hornacek last season. He's a career 36.8% three point shooter who may have found his niche as a player off the bench.

3. J.J. Barea -- This hobbit is a short shooting guard, while he can be pressed into ball handling duties at times his main point of attack is off the ball. He has a beautiful wife. And a somewhat physical game for a guy his size. The Dallas Mavericks are interested in bringing him back.

4. J.R. Smith -- Dude is a natural disaster. Powerful. Awe inspiring at times. Deadly at others. And ultimately, so very inconsistent.

5. Jason Terry --Short shooting guards who had to play point guard? Yeah, that's what Terry had to do last season for Kevin McHale. He wants to return to the Houston Rockets -- and why wouldn't you want to return to a team that's winning? Terry has game, can hit the three, but by the time training camp starts he'll be 38 years old. While his current natural position is off the ball at the two, in a few months his expected natural position should be in a retirement home.

6. Josh Smith -- Probably could make a case for him as a bigman, but his offensive tendencies keep pushing him out to the perimeter. He's not a crack shot, but he'll still shoot jumpers like he's on crack. Was once one of the most athletic and high flying players in the league. The 29 year old is kinda in that Gerald Green limbo . . . did he learn enough to be a vet on the downside of his athletic ability?

7. Leandro Barbosa -- Probably the prototype secondary ball handler, this guard is speedy, smart, and has made a career out of hitting threes (38.9%), getting to the line (3.1+ per 36), and making teams pay with his smart decision making and high attack personality. Leandrinho is 32, but had a great year for the Golden State Warriors where he helped them win a championship. He has played over 16,000 minutes over his career, and you have to wonder how much of it is left?

8. LeBron James -- Conservatively, one of the 10 best NBA Players of All-Time. He will re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

9. Manu Ginobili -- Manu is going to be 38 in a few more weeks. He has multiple championships from the NBA and Europe and South America. He has won a Gold Medal. He doesn't have much else to prove. What can he bring to a team? Probably got at least 29 more really good flops in him. (Yes, Hate hard, Amar. Hate hard.)

10. Rasual Butler -- A three and D guy who is old. Yeah, that's about it. He hits threes (38.7% last season). He plays defense. He doesn't make mistakes. He's 36 years old, so it's really a crap shoot here at #10 between him, Tay (35 years old) and Tough Juice (also 35). Ostensibly, I would have rather put Andrei Kirilenko here, but he retired.


Honorable Mention: Tayshaun Prince, Caron Butler, Joe Ingles

Yeah, slim pickens, right? Which one of these guys do you think is the best?