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A Different Utah Jazz Perspective- The Downbeat #1694

A Different Utah Jazz Perspective- The Downbeat #1694

Alec Burks: 'Future is bright for Utah Jazz' - CNN Philippines

After going under the knife in December to repair his shoulder, Burks said that he is ready to get back on the court, and is also determined to help the Jazz build on last season's strong finish.

"Man, I think it’s at 100%. I just got cleared probably like a couple of weeks ago," said Burks. "We’re gonna build on our second half of the season’s success, I just can’t wait to, you know, get back to start training camp."

Alec is ready to go!

A situation in Salt Lake from Students of the Game.

Independent sports blogs are starting to write about the Utah Jazz, not necessarily because they want to, but because the Jazz are forcing people to look at them and what they are doing.

While the youth movements being made by the Bucks, Sixers, and Celtics are garnering much attention, the Utah Jazz are quietly putting together a loaded young core. Let me break it down for you:

.Timmer gives three possible solutions the Jazz could run with. We have talked about them before 1) Play Exum at the two. 2) Trade Burke or Exum. 3) Make Burke the sixth man. Personally, I think it is too early to make a final decision about players under the age of 24. I like the idea of having Burke and Burks playing as a second unit.

6 Teams Defying the NBA’s Current Small Ball Trend: The Cheat Sheet

The only squad on this list to not reach the playoffs, the Jazz quietly led the league in scoring defense and went on a 22-11 tear to close the season that probably would have netted them a postseason birth had it begun a bit earlier. With 7-foot-1 Rudy Gobert, affectionately known as the Stifle Tower, at center, 6-foot-10 Derek Favors at power forward, and 6-foot-8 small forward Gordon Hayward

The Jazz can obviously go big, but they have the ability to go small as well: Fav 5 Booker/Hood 4 GH/Ingles 3 Burks 2 Burke 1 .I don't know if they practice the small lineup very often or how many sets they have built in for a small lineup, but Snyder probably has something up his sleeve.

SN redesigns 10 NBA uniforms that need it most under Nike | Sporting News

The good old Jersey mock

Jazz Mock Jersey

Jazz Mock Jersey

A nine minute Gordon Hayward Highlight video