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Downbeat #1701: "Derrick Favors is Furious!" Edition

Derrick Favors is furious and will not be appeased until all of his enemies have been vanquished! Look for Power Forwards to be added to the endangered species list by the time Favors' career is over.

Derrick Favors is FURIOUS!!!!!!
Derrick Favors is FURIOUS!!!!!!
Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The last couple weeks have been pretty tough on Utah Jazz fans.

There's been the gut-wrenching injury that will leave our best player at our shallowest position out all year. Derrick Favors was snubbed from the 34 player Team USA pool. The Lakers haven't disbanded as a franchise or moved to Seattle yet. Sometimes fate is cruel. But alas, we shall get through it!

Spencer has you all covered with plenty of Jazz-related links in the downbeat he did this Saturday: .Spencer's Savvy Saturday Downbeat


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In other Jazz point guard related news, the Jazz's 2nd round pick from this year Olivier Hanlan has signed with Lithuanian club Žalgiris Kaunas; this is the same club that also signed Brock Motum recently. If any Jazz fan is hankering for some Lithuanian basketball to watch this season, this is the team. (Salt Lake Tribune article on Hanlan signing)

To mix it up today, I have decided to use the downbeat today to pair current members of the Jazz roster to a 2015 movie. Feel free to give us your input on perfect Jazz player / movie pairings you can think of! Let's do this!

Jurassic World- Rudy Gobert

Both of these entities began getting a ridiculous amount of hype and achieved gross amounts of accomplishments this season. Jurassic World with being top of the box office earnings so far this year, Gobert with his defensive leadership and absurd blocking and defensive rating prowess!

The 2nd half of both Jurassic World and Rudy Gobert's season accelerated in action at a pace that transcended all logic and reason!

Just as it is inevitable that the beasts will escape their cages in any Jurassic 'X' movie, so did Rudy Gobert's talent free him from the bondage of lack of meaningful rotation time he experienced his rookie season.

Avengers: Age of Ultron- Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward is the Captain America of this team for too many reasons to be a coincidence. He's the longest tenured member of the Jazz (first avenger) and he's played the role of smooth baby-faced  assassin.

To parallel his play to the 2nd Avengers movie, basically everyone knew it was going to be great and that the performance of the hero wouldn't disappoint, but nobody quite knew how it was going to unfold.

In the movie, they had to overcome the seemingly insurmountable force that was Ultron, while our protagonist Hayward had to overcome all the negative opinions of people who didn't think he deserved his new contract. At the end of both the movie and this Jazz season, people who said the hero couldn't accomplish what needed to be done looked foolish. Gordon raising his scoring average by over 3 points while raising his field goal attempts by less than 1 is quite the impressive feat.

.Jurassic World


Taken 3- Trey Burke

I couldn't resist this pairing. Trey Burke wears #3, he loves taking 3's, naturally Taken 3 had to be his pairing.

The excitement that Jazz fans had for Trey going into his first season was at an all time high for a Jazz point guard in the post-DWill era; the first Taken movie was a well done exciting movie that did quite well to appease its fans.

Going into his 2nd season, Jazz fans still seemed to be mostly onboard the Trey Burke bandwagon even with the Jazz drafting another self-declared point guard in Exum; the second Taken movie still seemed to have a bunch of fan support but was admittedly not better in any way than the first one.

Now entering his 3rd season, many Jazz fans seem to be convinced that Burke doesn't have what it takes to be this team's (starting) point guard of the future and have laid more blame of accusations that he probably doesn't deserve; Taken 3 disappointed many fans and led many to lose hope in the franchise, in the movie Liam Neeson is wrongly accused of things he didn't do.

Hopefully Trey puts on his best Liam Neeson impersonation and proves everybody wrong about what his ceiling is this year. With Exum out for the year, he surely will have the opportunity to prove himself.

His fate is in his own hands.


Furious 7- Derrick Favors

favors 2




favors 2

favors 3








Someone is going to be playing straight up Furious this year! Opposing big men beware!


Quick rundown of other player-movie pairings:

Spectre- Alec Burks (007-Gov't name and too cool for school comparisons)

Fantastic 4- Enes Kanter (S### Movie, S### Player)

Get Hard- Joe Ingles (this pairing works for....reasons)

Ant-man- Trey Lyles (most people don't expect much from the newest member, but that doesn't mean he won't surprise us)

Trainwreck- Grant Jerrett (sorry, just couldn't resist)

Minions- Christapher Johnson, Elijah Millsap, Raul Neto, Bryce Cotton, Tibor Pleiss

Mad Max: Fury Road- Trevor Booker (Booker plays mad and pulls it off well usually)

Kingsman: The Secret Service- Rodney Hood (Hood is the promising, young talent that this team needs more of)

Tomorrowland- Dante Exum (Someday we'll get there!)

Does anybody think there should be a Jazz player paired with Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Stay awesome, Jazz fans!