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The Downbeat #1702: The Derrick Favors Gives Back Edition

Your Tuesday Downbeat!

Jeremy Evans and Jack Cooley are the best body guards.
Jeremy Evans and Jack Cooley are the best body guards.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Favors is constantly proving why we love him so much! Yesterday he treated kids to back-to-school supplies, playing lightening at ZBBC, and a pizza party!

Watch video of it here:

We love you Derrick!

Dime magazine agrees with us and Gobert that Favors being snubbed from the mini-camp, just doesn't make any sense.  Check it out here:

Accounting for his prior USAB experience and current level of effectiveness, there’s just no reason for Colangelo and company to opt against extending Favors a minicamp invitation. The decision is even more confounding given the upward trajectory of his career, as well.


Favors fits the exact mold of what Krzyzewski wants from his big men: A long, athletic, and versatile defensive-oriented player who rebounds, runs the floor, and finishes with ease and aplomb in the paint. He was a major reason Utah emerged as the league’s best defensive team over the second half of 2014-2015, and even flashed a semi-consistent jumper from mid-range, too.

There’s no reason to believe Favors is so disenchanted by this strange neglect that he’ll decide to decline future offers from the national team. He’s a good soldier. But why would Team USA risk that frustration by overlooking him this summer? There’s no difference between 34 attendees and 35, after all, and several players in Las Vegas this week – Michael Carter-Williams immediately comes to mind – have slim-to-none chances of ever wearing the red, white, and blue during meaningful competition.

Yeah I don't get it either...

Some highlights to get us through the long month of August:

It has been just over three years since Dennis Lindsey joined the Utah Jazz.

What's his greatest strength or favorite move he has made?

How would you like to see him improve?