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The Downbeat #1709: The Chronicles of Prydain Edition

You masses have no idea what it's like to do a DB in August. It's really an experience.

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I used to get more emotional about predictions, projections, forecasts, etc. about my favorite team. Now, it kind of reminds me of Henry Fleming in Red Badge of Courage ... trying to calculate mathematically that he wouldn't run.

That said, ESPN is putting up a few forecasts: and they have the Jazz finishing with a 40-42 record and finishing 9th in the West. Which is fair. I think there's a decent chance of doing better, but all the forecast really says is that most ESPN folks think the Jazz will be one of a few teams competing for the final playoff spots. 9th, 10th, 7th, 8th ... whatever.

It's just a forecast. At the same time, it's nice that among the national writers it's clear the Jazz are not afterthoughts and dregs of the NBA. They are a team worth paying attention to.

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Moar Rumors!

Yesterday, stories about Jason Terry signing with the Rockets also included tidbits that he chose the Rox over Jazz and Pelicans ... implying that the Jazz really tried to sign him (odd flashbacks to 2003 just happened). There's also the never-dead Jazz are after Mario Chalmers rumors. And yet:

Hmm ...

Well, I can clearly see why the Jazz may want to find vet PG. I can also see why they may want to stay pat. Maybe the rumors are right. Maybe the story given to Andy is right.

The bigger issue to me is that I think it would be hard to be a player where trade rumors and Twitter-esque universe collide. I'm experiencing a bit of job uncertainty right now (2 new schools being built that will affect student population of mine, which means some teachers will be moved ... but we don't really know who or any details and won't for a while) and it's kind of uneasy. Players get that, plus the added fun of knowing that if they are traded, to some degree it's because their team didn't want them ... I don't envy that part of professional athletes' lives.

I just envy the pleas they get to do RC Willey commercials.

Greg Ostertag has a career highlights video. I'm still waiting for the one Memoismoney mentioned he was working on, though.

I love that it ends with O getting ejected. I'm mad that it doesn't include one of the bajillion times Ostertag was put in, got 2 fouls in 30 seconds, got yanked by Sloan, and then yelled at Jerry "WHAT!?!?! I WAS PLAYING AWESOME!!!!!! BLEEPITY, BLEEPITY, SOMETHING!"

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I feel like a 5-year-old in November:

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Bill, Shums, and I had a long Twitter-chat about my favorite Children's books: the Chronicles of Prydain. For some unknown reason, it got me thinking that having Doli do the play-by-play with Fflewddur Fflam as color commentary would be one of the greatest pairings in sports history. And Eillonwy should be the sideline reporter.

Doli: And here comes Hibbert with the layup ... and the gread clodpole gawks his shot off the rim.

Fflewddur: I know he was in traffic, but I've made that exact shot hundreds of times playing one-on-ten (twang!!!!) DRAT THE THING!!!!

Eilonwy: Quin Snyder just told Trey to quit shooting the ball with 20 seconds on the clock when he's in a lineup with Gordon and Derrick. And it makes sense. It's like putting a turtle on your head and expecting it to accomplish something.

Anyway, what awesome commentary pairings, real or fictional, can you imagine with the Jazz?