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The Downbeat #1710: The "Is That Really U Rudy?" Edition

Utah Jazz point guard, Raul Neto is cute. Utah Jazz players Joe Ingles and Rudy Gobert are funny. Happy Friday.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

So school starts for my kids and for me next week. I am pretty excited but at the same time I have loved this summer. I don't want to go back to homework, responsibilities, and a daily schedule. Getting ready to go back to school has made me realize though that the Jazz are coming back real soon.

Gordon Hayward's blog has a small breakdown of the schedule. Here are a few good quotes.

"This is going to be my sixth year in the league, with four of them not making the playoffs — and one was a first-round sweep," Gordon said. "I’m definitely ready to get this going."

Yep, Gordon wants to make the playoffs.

Gordon on the lack of offseason moves by the Jazz:

"I think it shows confidence in the players we have on the team already," he said. "It shows confidence in the coaching staff and the developmental guys to make us better players because we all have to be, especially in the West, where everybody just reloaded again."

This exchange made me laugh:

H/T to Basketball John for this awesomeness.  Addison Foote (his twitter here)  from St George gave himself a challenge to redesign all 30 NBA logs in 30 days. So a logo a day. They look pretty dang good.

Here is the Jazz logo:

And here is the post:

Our new point guard, who happens to be my new player crush, did some good work at the U of U Health Care Fit Clinic.


We always love how active Jazz players are in the community.

Speaking of Raul Cute Neto, Andy had an interesting Twitter conversation about him as the starter.

I agree Neto should start and Burke should come off the bench, if everything remains the same in our point guard spot.

Because awesomeness (H/T Moni)