what do ya do now?

What do the Jazz do now? I don't know. There's too many variables for anyone to know for sure. Steering the Jazz through this will be Dennis Lindsey's greatest challenge to date. Look at all that he has to consider. Is Dante injury prone? This was his 2nd injury this summer. Will he ever be as quick as he was (this was his best asset)? How long will it take for him to recover and will it be a full recovery and is the injury likely to happen again? Even if he fully recovers a pg's primary tool is his ability to run the offense which is 90% mental. He was already the weak link on offense. Several members of the team are ready to "take the next step". We needed Dante to play catch up. This injury may put him so far behind that he no longer fits in with our development plan. Do we trade him? Does he even have any trade value?

Maybe the Jazz should find a quality veteran pg to bridge the gap between now and when Dante is healthy and matured as a pg. I don't know who that person is but I don't think they're currently on the roster. Quality pg's don't grow on trees. Finding one will probably require us to give up a valuable asset. Do we want to give up a valuable asset for a stopgap situation? Should we draft another pg? The Jazz moved from Asset Acquisition mode to Asset Development mode when they went on their winning streak late last year. Do we now go back to Asset Acquisition mode by losing games to get a high draft pick that we use on a new pg. I don't think so. That's not really the Jazz way and the rest of the team is probably too good to get a lottery pick anyway. The new pg would also be behind the rest of the team in terms of development. Plus ,the fans would be upset if we tanked a whole season. Finding a veteran seems more likely, even though there probably aren't any left in free agency and we'd have to give up a lot to trade for one. The only option available may be to run with what you've got. Trey Burke running this team does not inspire a lot of confidence.

Anybody in here got any ideas, because I have no idea what the Jazz should do now.

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