Which improvements to expect next season  position by position

The season is finished since April 15th which, lets our players to rest and to prepare/improve individually for the next season.

Lets review which improvement did we need to became better as an unit.

1 Point Guard
  • Trey Burke: Add some of his NCAA's year smooth to his game , will raise his percentage . Let the game came to him

  • Raul Neto: Acclimate himself to the NBA level ( especially the speed) , he should gain some weight and try to develop an mid-range jumpshot .
  • Bryce Cotton : He will get much more minutes compared to the last year ,so he had to gain some weight if he don't want to injured himself.

2 Small Guard

  • Alec Burks: Improve his jumpshot, keep shooting FT at an 80% rate, improve his defensive skills
  • Rodney Hood: Being consistend all season long , he could really became a huge asset if he stay healthy. Improve his FT% to 80%
  • Elijah Millsap: Keep being a force defensively, shoot corner 3's with consistency

3 Small Forward

  • Gordon Hayward: Trying to reech 85% at FT , trying to get 37/38 at 3PT% , keeps attacking the paint
  • Joe Ingles: Better physical condition , trying to get an increase of 1 or 2 percent on 3PT% , had to approch the 80% mark at FT
  • Chris Johnson: Known as an defender , we just need him to knock down the open looks ( mid-range or 3pts)

4 Power Forward

  • Derrick Favors: Keep it simple , improve mid-range jumpshot ad FT percentage ( at least 75%)
  • Trevor Booker: Being consistent on his jumper , but most importantly keep bringing the fire to the second unit
  • Trey Lyles: Acclimate himself to NBA speed and NBA long season , not a lot of expectation there but if he can get 5ppg 2rbd and 2assists per game it would be a good season for him

5 Center

  • Rudy Gobert: Start developing some kind of an offensive game ( Back and in front of the rim) , get at least 70% at the FT and gain some muscle( 10 to 15 pounds would be great)
  • Tibor Pleiss: Learn from Rudy ans Derrick , acclimate to the NBA level , we will see after the pre-season games what he need to improve.

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