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The Downbeat #1725 - NBA Offseason #Content Edition

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

SLC Dunk presents: Signs it is the Worst Part of the Offseason

Every site you love is in a constant struggle to bring you hashtag content. This leads to some crazy stuff during the summer.

First up, this piece from

Which star would make the best late-night tv host?

It's about what you'd expect.


From ESPN:

LeBron James organizing workouts for Cavs teammates in Miami

Side note: Ever notice that no Jazz player is involved in any of the All-Star cliques? Is it because none of them are All-Stars yet?

(Bonus: wins for best headline: LeBron summons Cavs to Miami for workout. "Cavaliers... ASSEMBLE"

This is actually pretty funny, even from the bottom of the barrel:

From Grantland:

The Second Annual NBA Video Music Awards

You read that right. Second. Annual.

Reminder: When you write something like this, you have to add a disclaimer about just how barren the NBA news landscape is during this part of the offseason.

From big mama SB Nation / NBA:

Someone on Reddit took the time to dig into LeBron's shooting stats while wearing various accessories

Finally, this is actually pretty great.'s Shaun Powell is doing a 30 Teams, 30 Days feature.

As luck would have it the Jazz are featured.... tomorrow.

**Bonus game! All of these deserve a reaction gif. I don't want to swag jack Shums, so lets leave it to you Dunkers. Post your best reaction gifs to each article in the comments below. Best gifs probably get their posts turned green.