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Ridiculous Patterned NBA Socks: The Downbeat #1729

Socks by Stance, Quin Snyder, no, the Jazz don't need another point guard, and RUDY!!!

Stance Socks

As most of my close friends know, I'm a huge sock fan.  My instagram probably has more pictures of my socks than of me.  Which is why I am so excited for the NBA's sock deal.  This is what the socks should look like with this sneak peak.

I don't know about you but I'm really excited to rock some Utah Jazz Stance socks.  Although, let's forget about using the official Jazz logo and start using the UNOFFICIAL official Jazz logos.

Yes, that's right.  Stockton to Malone official Jazz socks.  THIS MUST HAPPEN.  But for real I am so stoked for NBA Stance Socks because SOCKS!  I mean imagine the sweet patterns combined with beautiful jerseys.

Imagine these in Jazz colors (or, gasp, THROWBACK COLORS)!!! This would be amazing.  I could care less about Nike taking over the NBA uniforms.  Jerseys are jerseys.  (EXCEPT YOU SLEEVED JERSEYS.  YOU ARE SATAN INCARNATE.)  It's about the socks.  This is the biggest thing to happen to the NBA uniform since Nike, Air Jordan, and others targeting the basketball shoe industry.  This is going to be really exciting.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll get to see the Jazz socks.

So ... Rudy Gobert killed a guy.

I'm starting a GoFundMe page to bail Rudy Gobert out of French Prison which I can only imagine looks like this:

Quin Snyder has been getting some offseason love.  Most are recognizing he is a legitimately good coach.

Also ... Quin Snyder would be amazing on Chopped.

From Hardwood Paroxysm:

General Manager Dennis Lindsey has given Snyder an entire roster of players on the brink of their primes, who are timed to reach the height of their powers together. Even though Snyder's resting facial expression resembles that of a shiv-wielding prisoner, it really seems like there is a fair, focused purpose behind his intensity — a trait he most definitely shares with his mentor, Gregg Popovich.


In I told you so news from The Salt Lake Tribune:

But the Tribune has learned the Jazz fully plan to go into training camp and the preseason with Burke, Neto and Cotton as their floor leaders. If things don't work out, the front office could take another course of action once the regular season begins in November. Or if someone makes a trade offer the Jazz would be fools to turn down, but that's a remote possibility. For now, Utah's content to go with its trio of playmakers and let

Like I've been saying ALL OFFSEASON LONG (herehereherehere, and here) the Jazz have the assets to weather this storm.  The Jazz are just hoping for average point guard play, that's it.  They have the assets that can give them that level of play.

Nothing to see here.  Move on.

Today is the launch of iOS 9 and WatchOS 2.  So I am stoked.  In the comments below let us know who of the Jazz current players will have the most significant upgrade and what that upgrade name would be.  Will it be Rudy Gobert Eiffel 2.0?  Will it be GordOS Hayward?