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The Downbeat #1731: The Friday Favors Edition

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jon in his downbeat let us know that Favors was having a Facebook chat yesterday. Did any of you participate?

This was the question I asked Favors, with his answer:

favors fb

I got pretty excited when he responded and it was fun to receive this notification


I liked his answer. When watching the special that KJZZ did about the Jazz's road trip back in January/February, I felt motivated listening to Snyder. I can only imagine how he makes the players feel.

Check out Favors full question and answer session, read it here. Let me know your favorite questions and answers. This one cracked me up.

wild wings

Favors followed up his chat with this announcement

favors friday

Love random acts of kindness. What a great campaign.

As we all know now, France lost to Spain in a heart breaking loss in OT.  During and after the game, Rudy was all over Twitter.

Here are Rudy's tweets following the game:

Dan Devine wrote a great piece on Gobert.  A quick peak:

The Jazz allowed a microscopic 94.8 points per 100 possessions over their final 29 games, a defensive efficiency mark that weighed in at a full 4.6 points-per-100 better than the league's second-best defense after the break. The No. 2 Milwaukee Bucks were closer to the No. 18 Philadelphia 76ers than they were to top-ranked Utah in the second half.

With Gobert and Favors up front, Utah ranked first in the NBA in post-All-Star points allowed in the paint, second-chance points allowed, and opponents' field goals made and attempted; second in total rebounding percentage and opponents' field-goal percentage; fourth in second-chance points scored; and fifth in opponents' 3-point percentage.

Booker is doing his annual cereal drive this Saturday:

And the twitter account @Jazzdoinggood has been doing a countdown of Booker's favorite cereals

Check out Utah Jazz Doing Good twitter page for more of his rankings

So BYUtv is doing a show called Inside BYU. Its a weekly show all about BYU football. It gives fans a real inside look into the program, players and coaches. Its great. The kind of information I would just love to know about the Jazz.I have always thought that KJZZ should do more programs on the Jazz. I did enjoy the specials they did last year but I think they could do so much more, something like the Jazz equivalent of Inside BYU.

If you could suggest a show about the Jazz for KJZZ to produce, what would it be?