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The Downbeat #1733 - All the Rankings Edition

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


According to a press release from Jazz PR, Bear will be participating in the 12th Annual Mascot Bowl.

The 12th annual Mascot Bowl, a charity football game that benefits "Bear Hugs for Kids" and "Firemen and Friends for Kids," will take place on Monday, Sept. 28 at 5 p.m. at Lehi High School. Jazz Bear will again join the all-star mascot team for an action-filled night, alongside this year’s celebrity quarterback Danny Southwick (LA Kiss quarterback and Provo native).

But what about the mascots? It's actually a pretty good group.

This year’s roster includes: "Bear" and "Lil’ Bear" (Utah Jazz), "Burnie" (Miami Heat), "Rocky" (Denver Nuggets), "Bango" (Milwaukee Bucks), "Gorilla" (Phoenix Suns), "Boomer" (Indiana Pacers), "Miles" (Denver Broncos), "Freddie" (Atlanta Falcons), "Rowdy (Dallas Cowboys), "Rampage" (St. Louis Rams), "Bumble" (Salt Lake Bees), "Grizzbee" (Utah Grizzlies), "Felix" (Utah Falconz), "Rocky" (Rocky Mountain Raceway), "Swoop" (University of Utah), "Cosmo" (BYU), "Willy" (Utah Valley University), "Big Blue" (Utah State University), "Waldo" (Weber State University), "Thor" (Southern Utah University), and "Pioneer Pete" (Lehi High School).

If you have little kids and are into charity and stuff, this sounds like a good event.

If anyone goes, please get Pioneer Pete's autograph for me.

Also, file this under things that have been happening locally for 12 years, but you had no idea even existed.

It's September! Therefore, arbitrary ESPN rankings to boost clicks! Also, unnecessary gnashing of teeth by overly-sensitive fans!

Jazz Notes:

Tibor Pl(weird German letter)ss: 396

Raul Neto: 380

Bryce Cotton: 366

Joe Ingles: 336

The bottom 100 (300-400) was added yesterday. Stay tuned, and get your angry comment typing hands prepared!

Tony Jones of the SL Trib did a small piece on the Return of AB, on Monday.

Utah Jazz: Alec Burks is back, and ready to start slashing to the rim again

This quote from AB is great:

"Man, I can't wait to get back," Burks told The Tribune last week. "I haven't played in about nine months. It kind of feels like getting drafted all over again. Everyone's excited and everyone's working hard. We just want to get better on each side of the ball and keep growing together."

Burks certainly has his detractors *COUGH* CLARK *COUGH*, but as a Jazz fan, you have to be a little bit intrigued by how he will fair this season.

It sounds like at least one teammate is excited to have him back:

"He's very important to us and very important to the team as a whole," Jazz forward Derrick Favors said. "Alec's that guy who doesn't need plays to score a bunch of points. He can get the ball on a rebound and go. He plays with a lot of energy and he has a way of getting the crowd going with all of those crazy layups that he does. We're happy to have him back."

SI, not to be left out of the mix, is doing some ranking of their own... or rather grading. They have offseason grades for all of the divisions (seriously, how are we going to see progress beyond divisions if this stuff keeps happening). Writer Deantae Prince has this to say about the Jazz:

Best move: Keeping their young roster intact.

Worst move: Losing Dante Exum to injury.

The overall grade is a C+... without much explanation as to why? I guess they needed the flashy free agent name bump.

File under "oh yeah, I forgot about that" - The Thunder fired Scott Brooks.

Today is the first day of Salt Lake Comic Con. Any Dunkers attending? Anyone cosplaying as Quin Snyder as Joker?