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The Downbeat #1720: The Dante Exum Had Surgery Edition

Happy Friday!

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Single game tickets are now on sale!

What game are you most looking forward to?

How many games do you go to in a season?

Dante Exum had surgery yesterday. That's good so he can be on the path to recovery.  The media release from the Jazz yesterday:

Exum underwent successful surgery today to repair the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee. The surgery was performed in Los Angeles by Dr. Neal S. ElAttrache of Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic following consultations with Jazz physician Dr. Travis Maak and University of Utah Health Care as well as Dr. Brian Cole of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush in Chicago. Jazz head athletic trainer Brian Zettler accompanied Exum.

Once he is cleared to travel, Exum will return to Salt Lake City to begin his rehabilitation. He suffered the injury on Aug. 4 while competing for the Australian National Team in a game against the Slovenian National Team in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

A timeline for his return to activity will be established at a later date, and further updates will be provided when appropriate.

Best wishes to Dante!

The Jazz Bear is up to service once again. I love how involved our team is in the community. I mean even our mascot is in on the service.

Have you ever been a recipient of the Jazz's service? If so please share your story in the comments.

So for the last few weeks, the Jazz have been making highlights of individual players and describing them in three words. It has been a fun twitter highlight during the offseason. Here is Elijah Millsap's

Let's play this game. How would you describe each of our players in three words?

EDIT: You can also use three phrases.

Trevor Booker- hustle, tough, circus shots

Trey Burke- shooter, Michigan, clutch

Alec Burks- Kobe-ankle-breaker, government name, slasher

Dante Exum- defender, long, young

Derrick Favors- heart, consistent, agile

Rudy Gobert- salute, angry dunker, blocks

Gordon Hayward- playmaker, the Precious, versatile,

Rodney Hood- threes, pure shooter, overlooked

Joe Ingles- vision, glue-guy, funny

Trey Lyles- rookie, Kentucky, adapt

Elijah Millsap- loyal, tenacity, proud

Raul Neto- assists, cute, Brazil

Tibor Pleiss- tall, German, Stretch big

Dennis Lindsey on the point guard position this season. (Thanks Moni)

You had players ready to step in when other players got injured last year. How much of the message that was sent last year will Trey Burke need to heed now that his role has changed with Dante Exum sidelined?
I think it goes beyond Trey…

We just feel very fortunate and grateful to have a coach like Quin that can help individuals develop and get better. And, but maybe as important, that can tie the individual development back to team production.

And so, that’s the exciting thing about the group, as constituted today is, we range from age 19 to 28, so our capacity for work, we have to be a work team. We have to work longer and harder and smarter to make up for the experience deficit that we currently have.

And so, many of our decisions have got back to a core principle: Can this player handle the work capacity that Quin and the coaching staff will demand of him?

And so, we put a lot of players together that have a high work capacity, and certainly [Bryce Cotton and Raul Neto], and if Alec Burks has some time there at that point guard position as well, they’re gonna have to work hard to integrate themselves into the group. (1280)

I so love their core principle "Can the player handle the work capacity that Quin and the coaching staff will demand of him?"

There is not much more to me that defines Jazz culture as hard work.