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Derrick Favors is the Most Underrated Player in the NBA! Downbeat #1724

Utah Jazz news is still finding a way to survive even in the annual apocalypse of NBA news that is summer. Derrick Favors is the man! Jazz logo ranked, R.I.P. in peace to NBA divisions, and Scottie Pippen > Malone/Stockton?

His victims' tears sustain Derrick Favors perpetually
His victims' tears sustain Derrick Favors perpetually
George Frey/Getty Images

All survivors! Stay strong, help is on the way! We're almost there! The season of redemption is nigh! A season of Gobert, Favors, Hayward, Burks, Hood, Burke, Booker, Lyles, Pleiss, Ingles, Millsap, Neto, and more is just about here!

It's so close everyone, SLC Dunk will continue to offer up daily rations to the community to keep us afloat!

In the meantime, just take a little glimpse at this cheesy low-quality countdown (which gives me MySpace nostalgia for some reason) when you're wondering how much longer we have:

We will push through,

just...a .....few...more...weeks

Consider this your reminder that Derrick Favors is awesome, we have the honor of having him on our team for at least 3 more seasons, he is more than worth the Deron Williams trade alone, he has become a part of the community in Utah, AND

Derrick Favors is currently the most underrated player in the league!

Now that we have that reminder out of the way, a very well done article on Favors by Adi Joseph  was done yesterday, take a gander:

Here's my favorite portion from that article:

"Those (Jazz) fans have watched this team closely. They are the ones who supported betting on Favors and Hayward, the talented small forward who took over the lead offensive role in 2013 as Favors handled the interior. They are the ones who greeted the Kanter trade and Tyrone Corbin ouster as new opportunities for growth.

They are the ones with expectations — the types that usually lead to adding a veteran in free agency or making a risky trade to win now. Lindsey said he considered such a move. But the right player wasn’t out there, and the right decision was to focus on the 20-somethings that comprise this talented roster.

So it is that 25-year-old Hayward and 24-year-old Favors are the grizzled leaders of a team we’re supposed to take seriously as playoff contenders. They’ve seen some things, though. Take Corbin's dismissal at the end of his contract.

"I really didn't care, to tell you the truth," Favors says. "I understand it's a business. They do the same thing with players. You'll be on one team this minute, then the next day you get traded. So, I mean, I knew how the business works. … It happened to me."

And the move — after the Jazz went 25-57 in the 2013-14 season — allowed the Jazz to bring in Snyder, coaching eccentric and possibly coaching genius. Known for his glower, Snyder once last season called a timeout during the middle of an opponent’s scoring run, brought his team into the huddle and didn’t say a word.

He just looked at his players. For the full 100 seconds.

"He looks like that all the time in practice," Favors says, laughing. "He gets that way in practice. He'll just look at you, stare at you all crazy. You're like, 'Oh, man, my bad.' I think I first saw it when training camp started and we saw the real Quin, how he really is. It kind of shocked me. ... But it works because it motivates you to play better."

Reading that got me excited all over again for this season to get started already!

One of my favorite NBA writers Zach Lowe ranked all of the NBA team logos!

Where did the Jazz rank in the hierarchy of glorious NBA logodom?

A bombshell was announced from that article that will please everyone who is yearning to put the masterpiece that is the Jazz note back to the forefront of the NBA spotlight!

"Good news: Utah is on track for an official return to the note logo as its primary mark for the 2016-17 season. They might crack the top five here next time around." -Zach Lowe

The NBA finally did it, the earth-shattering change of which there can be no return from!

It's all over now folks!

Say goodbye forever...




Link: NBA Playoff Seeding Change

That's right!

Playoff seeding no longer will be mucked up by division winners clinching a top 4 seed, now it is purely by win-loss record!

We're just one monster leap away from eliminating conference all together to allow for the top 16 teams to make the playoffs instead of unworthy 7th or 8th best teams from the weaker conference sneaking in over the superior 9th or 10th best teams of the stronger conference.


A couple of writers (Tom Ziller and Paul Flannery) from SLC Dunk's mothership SB Nation have been breaking down the best players of each decade. They reached the 90s today with the click-baitesque headline:

"Scottie Pippen was the 2nd-best player of the '90s"

That is quite the statement to make, I'll let you all decide what to make of it.

Also, peer further to see if these writers put Stockton and Malone on the All-90s first team or if they are flat-out wrong!

Link: Scottie Pippen was the 2nd-best player of the '90s