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SLC Dunk Community 2015 "Sloanie" Awards

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Named after Jerry Sloan

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all, the numbers are in and here are the winners of the 2015 Sloanie awards for SLC Dunk Community participation. Our presenter tonight is a fictitious representation of Jerry Sloan himself. Let's give him a big hand folks!


"A FanShot is when a community user uploads a multimedia video, image, sound file, or vine -- what the heck is this stuff? Who wrote this for me to say? Forget the script. A FanShot is when you go to a bar and do shots with fans at halftime. Here are the losers who had the most FanShots in 2015," - fictitious Jerry Sloan

  • Drew Garrison / AllThatAmar (tie) - 10
  • Bobby Steele / shamus-clancy (tie) - 5
  • AaronPerine - 4
  • Pistol Pete B - 2
  • Karpasov / CSaint3 / cgrenham / kwazuluseth (tie) - 1


"Oh, this again? FanPosts are when you hire a fan to do some good honest work (for once) out on the farm for a whole day. And for a break they get a glass of milk and have to put up a fence around about 10 miles of road, that what got wrecked the week before when a tractor drove into it. FanPosts are usually done by people who have an unusual enthusiasm for having their voice heard. I am told the community thrives on these opinions. Now git back to work!" - fictitious Jerry Sloan

  • Beeblebrox42 - 12
  • Uber_snotling / nc2003 (tie) - 8
  • oregonjazzfan / Jordan Cummings (tie) - 7
  • Hardwood18 / hansenjames / jazzyfan / Fesenko for President / pacoelcid (tie) - 6

Most Comments:

"Well won't you look at this list of fine jackpotters. Lots of time on your hands, huh?" - fictitious Jerry Sloan

  • superdeno - 6831
  • rbmw263 - 5318
  • jjrosk - 4154
  • Jazzbeetle - 4118
  • BadVoodoo - 4082
  • Colten_davis - 3667
  • Bebop - 2904
  • Jordan Cummings - 2846
  • Icemake Davie - 2226
  • irideducs - 2184

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone in the SLC Dunk community, and can't wait to see the results for NEXT year! And to the Top 10 for each category, give yourself a hand. This is not just a blog, or my blog, this is our blog. And each section -- even if it's just the mundane comments after a game recap -- matters to me. Thanks for participating, this place is for the fans by the fans. And thanks for making it a place so many fans call home!