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Matt Moore's hypothetical NBA Non-Contenders Bracket

"...what if..."

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Matt Moore is everywhere, and obviously so because he knows the game well, knows how to write well, and well, we know him for both. He's also a monster on social media and one of the few absolute must-follows on, at least, twitter. (None of this is sarcasm, I know genuine praise is rarely seen online) He dropped this yesterday and I think as far as thought experiments go, this would be very fun to watch. Check it:

1 Thunder - 16 Hornets 2 Clippers - 15 Jazz
8 Pacers - 9 Grizzlies -- -- 7 Pistons - 10 Magic
4 Bulls - 13 Knicks -- -- 3 Raptors - 14 Wizards
5 Heat - 12 Rockets 6 Mavericks - 11 Celtics

I'm not crazy about the Jazz' low seed (I assume that at the end of the 82 game season the team wouldn't be), but I think the Clippers aren't escaping the first round without almost losing it. If the Jazz are healthy I could see them doing some damage. They've defeated a lot of the teams in this consolation playoffs (the real teams like the Warriors, Spurs, Cavaliers, Hawks -- they aren't in this). In fact, the Jazz are specifically awful for the Pacers and Grizz, whom they will never see. The Pistons and Magic, on the other hand, have proven to be difficult for the Jazz to handle in recent seasons. This isn't an ideal draw at all.

The main thing that's unique about the Clippers is that they do not have a high scoring wing player, like all the other top seeds do. This is probably why Utah can handle them. Yes, the Clippers are something like 16-1 in their last 17 games about the Jazz. But I'm just enough of a homer to think our guys could scare them a little bit.

How far do the Jazz progress, if healthy? Which teams pose the greatest challenge for Utah? Who wins this? My Final Four would be OKC, MIA, DAL, and . . . UTA. Again, I'm clearly a rabid, irrational, subjective homer who thinks that our spunky underdogs can get it done.