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Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker cleared to return to action, ready to face the East

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Good injury news for once

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz announced today that forward Trevor Booker had successfully passed all the necessary steps to be cleared for a return to participation with the team. We wrote about the process here, and Book is back. From their own press release the Utah Jazz give out the deets:

SALT LAKE CITY (January 17, 2016) - The following is a medical update on Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker, who was diagnosed with a concussion after being hit in the face during the third quarter of the Jazz's Jan. 14 game vs. Sacramento:

Over the last several days under the care of the Utah Jazz medical staff and University of Utah Health Care, Booker has participated in each step of the NBA-mandated "Return-to-Participation Exertion Protocol" as part of the league's Concussion Policy. This process includes a series of steps designed to ensure an athlete exhibits symptom-free behavior before resuming basketball activities. During each step of the process Booker has remained symptom-free, including after his workouts earlier today. As a result, the Jazz medical staff has cleared Booker to play in Monday's game at Charlotte.

- Matt Sanchez, Utah Jazz, 2016

The Jazz have a four game trip this week, with the final game being at the Washington Wizards -- Booker's old club. I'm glad that he is currently schedule to play against them. One thing is certain, the Jazz are going to need healthy bodies if they are going to start their pre-All-Star Break surge up the standings. I am curious though, will there come a time this season where Trey Lyles supplants Booker on the depth chart? Lyles is starting right now, but is clearly the 3rd stringer. We all appreciate what $2.07 is doing in the starting line-up, especially of late. (The Canadian dollar has fallen pretty low of late, that's what $3 dollars Canadian turns out to be.) (3 = Trey)

We fans can speculate on this as the season goes on, but for right now I'm just happy to finally have two PFs healthy on the roster again.