Would you trade Favors?

Derrick Favors is my favorite Jazz player (besides Thelonious Monk). He is demonstrably our best player. However, that doesn't mean much if he's not on the court. If he can't reliably give us 70 games per year, he might be more valuable as a trade asset than as a player.

Also, he has the most trade value compared to anyone else on the team...except Rudy. His contract is a bargain for a high scoring/rebounding/good-at-defending big man, and I'm sure he is highly valued across the league. We could easily get a few good bench players for him, a lottery pick, or with the right package, maybe a blue chipper like Jimmy Butler.

Proposed trades (not verified through trade machine...because with our cap room and the looming increase in cap space I'm sure anything can be worked out):

1. Favors and two first round picks (ours and GSW's) for Brook Lopez

2. Favors and Burke for Eric Bledsoe

3. Favors and the two-aforementioned picks for Paul Milsap

4. Favors and a pick for Vuvecik and Fournier

5. Favors and two picks for Giannis Antetokounmpo and John Henson

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