Lost and Bewildered

Um, what the hell just happened? Like seriously what just happened to our best player on our basketball team? I've been reading the comment sections, and I must say, I'm proud to be a Utah Jazz fan. So many smart analysis and in depth perspectives as to what this injury will due to the team. But I wanted to see more emotions, more chaos, turmoil even lol I don't know, the injury just kind of got to me. I went into a slight basketball depression.

I'm here to restore that fire back to those who have mourned over the temporarily lost of our leader! But, I cannot do it alone. I need help rationalizing the situation.

So please can we discuss

1) Are we screwed ?

2) How many games will he be out for real?

3) Can this team really compete without Gordon?

4) Who's the person who needs to step up the most.

5) Are we screwed?

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