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Sorry the site had a lot of technical difficulty today — things will be fixed ASAP

The long story is that you should have enjoyed the lovely Autumn weather instead of looking at a screen all day

1989 World Series: Dejected Fan Photo by Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images

There were no new posts today up at the site since late last night. That isn’t because there aren’t Utah Jazz things to write about; and it’s not that we didn’t have things chambered and ready to go. We do! But today there appears to have been a pretty widespread DDoS attack on many sites. Twitter was down. Netflix. Spotify. And yes, our very own Vox Media network that has everything from high end real estate blogs to ranting about the 15th man on the Utah Jazz. At first the Vox tech guys thought it was a Vox problem, but as the day went on it became clear that it wasn’t just us. Here’s a brief timeline of SOME of the e-mails we got today from the super smart tech guys employed by the company. (I would have just been hitting the server like “The Fonz” and hoping for a different result.)

7:55 AM EST - We are currently experiencing a range of outages across the Vox Media network, affecting the Chorus Beta and the loading of our sites.

8:12 AM EST - We've identified the cause of the ongoing outages as an issue at one of our service providers — they are continuing to address the problem on their end. In the meantime our engineers are looking to ameliorate the situation as best we can.

8:54 AM EST - Here's an update to our earlier report on the network outages folks. We’re still experiencing some issues with our service provider, however it’s mainly impacting those in the Eastern US region. If you're in this region and experiencing issues we thank you for your patience. Our service partners are continuing to investigate ways to mitigate this issue as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop on major updates throughout the morning until this issue has been resolved.

9:51 AM EST - The earlier issues reported have now been resolved by our DNS provider and we're pleased to announce that full service has been restored to the Vox Media network. Thanks for your patience this morning and I wish you all a great weekend in advance.

1:32 PM EST - The issue affecting our sites is still ongoing, and is — as previously noted — widespread across the internet while not specific to us or our service.

The Support Team at Vox Media, 2016

As we would find out, it was bigger than just sports. And there was more internal communication on the subject amongst ourselves. My Tin-foil hat conspiracy? International computer infiltration and subversion has been getting a lot of negative press recently, even in the US Presidential debates. Non-state actors, or worse, state actors caused a huge throttling of our information and entertainment (and business too) today in retaliation.


The things that went down went down for a reason. And it wasn’t to get our daily productivity levels up at our real jobs. Anyway, that’s my tin foil hat conspiracy. Sorry there was no site for a while, and then no new posts for a while (my internet is out East). That will be fixed now. (And I’m guessing when I click “publish” on this post, nothing will actually happen.)