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Taking note on #TakeNote

Newsmen are on the case!

Take Note! Back in 2015!
Layton Shumway

The NBA released their slogans / #Hashtags for this season for each NBA Team. As you can clearly see, some are more inspired than others. For example, we love the Utah Jazz use of #TakeNote.

Of course, we’ve seen it before. For reals. In JuMu’s Downbeat from October 2015.

You can see that the “Take Note” slogan was first brought up by SLC Dunk community member Sartorii:

Layton Shumway

And it was used again in the comments section of this Downbeat by My_Lo back from January of this year.

And in this one you can see the Take Note brought up again, with the note logo, by SLC Dunk community member BadVooDoo.

Mychal Lowman

So that’s pretty cool. SLC Dunkers, co-incidentally in one case in the comment section of a post about making a better slogan for the team, were lucky enough to figure out the 2016-2017 slogan years before it was released! We all should feel proud, as the site that created a rift between the then existing members of the Jazz media team over the 44 United thing seem to be on the same page as the new media team today. Or perhaps, they read our site? Ha ha.

Regardless of how this happened, I’m very happy for #TakeNote — and super excited for this new season of Utah Jazz basketball. It’s going to be a great one for us fans. Hope we continue to have the type of fun we’ve had so far in the preseason here at this site and in the comments section during the regular season and playoffs.