Where is the Jazz game on Root Sport / Comcast

it's getting really late on a Monday night, so late in fact that it's actually Tuesday morning. Before hitting the hay, I decide to set the DVR to record Tuesday eevning's season opener between the Utah Jazz and the Portland Trailblazers. I use Comcast's voice search to find "Utah Jazz" and up pops a weird channel number: 441. That's the league pass channel number, and I just want the local Root Sports broadcast, so I try again, and nothing. I bring up the guide, and surf on over to channel 693. I scroll over to 8 PM, and all I see is a UEFA soccer game. Oh great, Comcast and Root Sports can't get their schedule right.

I can't believe the flagship station of the Utah Jazz can't even figure out how to have the Jazz game they've locked us into on their channel actually show up on their programming guide. This is very frustrating. I sure hope they don't blow the whole game for us...

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