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Karl Malone: The Worst Day I Ever Had

Even The Mailman has bad days.

NBA Karl Malone Retirement Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Over the weekend I helped my parents clean out their basement. “Great,” you’re probably thinking, “Another story about cleaning out the basement.” I’ll spare you the riveting details and get right to the meat of things. I found an edition of Sports Illustrated Kids called The Worst Day I Ever Had and it contains a complete gem for #jazznation.

This magazine was on its way straight into the “do not keep/incinerate” pile when I noticed a familiar face on the cover.

Did you see it? I'll wait.
Sports Illustrated Kids

Among other sporting stars at their zeniths, Karl Malone (circa 1991) dishes about a particularly terrible day he had in high school. Maybe you’ve read this story before or maybe you’ve just heard it told. At any rate it’s a great bit of Jazz nostalgia to make you feel a warmth inside you that has been absent since the 90’s. There’s no transcript to copy and paste from another part of the internet but with the help of my supreme foresight I snapped some pictures of the whole thing. Apologies in advance for my non-Pulitzer Prize award-winning photography.

Special thanks to Sports Illustrated Kids for not suing me?