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Utah Jazz vet Joe Johnson apparently getting kicked out of his Miami condo

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N.B. This is not the specific condo building, but you get the idea.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz (1-2) made some big moves this off-season. They shored up their NBA D-League team (Salt Lake City Stars) with some late 2nd round prospects with combo guards Marcus Paige and Tyrone Wallace. They added energy guy Joel Bolomboy late in the 2016 NBA Draft as well. They made a trade for George Hill (see ya Taurean Green). They made a trade for Boris Diaw. And the capstone move was the signing of seven time NBA All-Star, All-Time great closer, Joe Johnson.

We’ve had mixed reviews so far after Summer League, Training Camp, Preseason, and now after a week of NBA Action. Hill looks amazing. Diaw is apparently hampered by a leg injury. Johnson? He looks great on the court. Off of it? Well . . .

According to TMZ:

TMZ Sports has obtained court docs filed in Miami in which the owners of the Marinablue Condos (this place has insane ocean views) -- claim Johnson leased a place in March 2016 back when he was playing for the Miami Heat.

According to the docs, Johnson agreed to pay $5,500 per month in rent -- but when the bills showed up, Johnson never forked over the dough.

In fact, the owners claim he paid $0 in rent from April to August. For the record, Johnson signed a new deal with the Jazz in July.

The owners are demanding $39,500 in back rent plus damages and fees -- and they want a judge to sign off on the eviction so they can take back possession of the property.

We reached out to Johnson for comment. So far, no word back.

TMZ Staff,, October 2016

Okay, this is a crazy story. TL;RD version? He hasn’t been paying rent. He should pay rent. Of course, TMZ has an archive of Joe Johnson articles because he’s apparently someone in the news a lot. The archive contains everything from him wearing a huge watch to sing Karaoke to dropping $10k in a London, England nightclub to problems between him and the mother of his child with respect to the conditions of his custody agreement.

He did also claim that the Lakers style off-the-court drama wouldn’t ever happen to his team (then, the Miami Heat). Hopefully that continues here with the Utah Jazz.