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Friday Morning for the Weekend (Episode 005)

Trey opens up. Batman vs Superman was bad, can you make it worse? And election tweets.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Breakfast Discussion

I came across a quote by Trey Burke about his time with the Jazz; the quote was, “They couldn’t break me. That’s what they tried to do. They couldn’t break me though. They gave me DNPs, everybody asked me what’s going on, why you aren’t playing; there’s a reason everybody asked me that.”

While some might want to tear into Trey for the comment, I think it’s okay when you take into account the question that was asked him. To paraphrase, the interviewer asked Trey what motivated him last year when a lot of people would have thought he would have given up.

Additionally, Trey went on to say, “I just kept my head up. I was a great, great team guy - everybody can vouch for that over there. You know, I never really complained. I worked hard every day. I was just waiting for my opportunity.”

It’s hard to find motivation in a situation like the one Trey was in - i.e. he started out as a starter, then went to the bench, and ultimately got DNPs. I thought Trey handled himself well as a teammate and he ultimately earned my respect for it.

Worst Analogy

Last week seemed like a down week for the worst analogy spot as former champ VegasPete stayed on the sideline as did returning champ parelkid. I blame myself for picking a long, obscure clip. To atone for my mistake, here’s a clip from How it Should Have Ended, Batman vs Superman:

The belt this week goes to 15,806 assists as he hypothesized that the injured lady in the first Mr. Bean clip represented the Jazz and Mr. Bean represented the Timberwolves. The Jazz will end up in the playoffs despite the Timberwolves trying to steal their playoff spot and, ultimately, the Timberwolves will end up being cellar dwellers. Second place goes to DixielandJazz for comparing the Spurs to a school bully; the Jazz got in a good joke on the school bully, but then the school bully stuffed the Jazz in their locker for it. Thanks for the insights everyone!

Cap Space

It’s been a crazy couple of days so I’d like to reflect on the election from a Twitter, sports view. Here are some of the best tweets I saw on my timeline:

In all seriousness though, Bill Oram found an article that is the only thing that has helped me make sense of the Trump phenomenon. Click through to read it, but be warned, the author uses some strong language in the article.