Recently, fans have been left to wonder why Alec Burks has not yet played this season, despite favorable projections that he would be ready to start the season, based on progress made in rehabilitating his injured ankle following surgery last December. Finally, more light was shed on the subject today as the Jazz announced that Burks had arthroscopic surgery performed on his ankle today to remove pieces of bone that had been causing him pain during the final stages of recovery from his ankle injury.

There has been no estimation given concerning when Burks might be able to return to action. However, whereas it has been reported that the area that was surgically repaired last December is structurally sound, and whereas arthroscopic surgery is generally a less-invasive procedure that usually heals quickly, I am hopeful that Burks may be able to return to action no later than the end of December.

Still, events over the past two years have to make fans wonder if Alec Burks is fast becoming the Jazz version of Philadelphia's Joel Embiid--who seemed to suffer one setback after another in rehabilitating his foot injuries until everyone began to wonder whether he would ever return to action.

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