Archie Goodwin?

I'm not really sure what this says about the state of this Jazz season, but I was wondering if signing Archie Goodwin would be a good idea.

Watching these last few games have been tough to watch. It sucks watching our team struggle with confidence and offense. Archie isn't a great shooter, trust me, but he can drive and attack the bucket and score. This team moves the ball well, but seems to lack finishers and aggressive players. Archie could change that.

He'd be a stopgap, or cheaper version of Burks potentially, and I can't watch Mack anymore. Mack isn't bad, he just isn't special. Hill has been out, Exum is looking good. Bringing in Archie isn't an indictment of the incumbents. Hes just a fresh of breathe air possibility? Who brings excitement and a much needed athlete.

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