Jazz Injuries and Chemistry

I was just reading through ESPN's homepage because I'm jonesing for content from SLC dunk after a very quiet post-Thanksgiving content period. This article about the Lakers' (I know, Boo!) bench and Walton's strategy really struck a chord with me. Link

It discusses what I think is the biggest issue with our injuries over the past year and a half - that the team still struggles with identity. On Moni's blog, she has a quote from Coach Snyder that taps into this as well:

Six. Quin Snyder on George Hill’s return: I think he just gives — he gives our other players confidence because there’s a stability when you have somebody who’s a floor leader. And you know, I think our guys, you know, in the beginning of the year they felt that. And then when that’s gone, you know, we have to be able to be better with him not on the floor.

Snyder on George Hill’s return, some more: You know, [Rudy Gobert] didn’t concentrate in Denver. He let the game, the fouls, the, a lot of things break his concentration. And tonight, I felt like he was more focused on that. He was a beneficiary of some of the things that George was doing. I think George’s presence on the court helped stabilize Rudy.

Snyder on George Hill’s return, some more some more: George can make plays, but it’s his presence that is encouraging to me to, that Rodney [Hood] and Gordon, Rodney and Gordon get a lot, and with a lot comes a lotta responsibility…Those guys have a obligation to make plays for other people and to play defense, and I think George subtlely reminds them of that.

I really like the piece about Hill being the piece that activates Hood and Hayward. I think that the Jazz have done well in fielding all the different line ups they have, and that those combinations can help later on in the season. The team won't begin dominating, however, until they have enough stability to build and solidify an identity across different units.

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