Should the Utah Jazz File Protest over Miami Heat @ Utah Jazz on 12/01/2016?

The Utah Jazz were, in a word, screwed out of a win against the Miami Heat this evening. Now, obviously there will be ref apologists on this site, so before I proceed with my assessment of whether or not the Jazz should file protest I will make this note: Yes, the Utah Jazz struggled with rebounding, defense, and turnovers compared to the Miami Heat, but at this point in time that is not the reason the Jazz lost this game. The Jazz had a chance to win the game with their last possession, but lost because the refs missed a couple of vital calls.

Below are the rules for filing protest over a controversial game:

Protests are not permitted during the course of a game. In order to file a protest, the procedure, as set forth in the NBA constitution, is as follows: "In order to protest against or appeal from the result of a game, notice thereof must be given to the Commissioner within forty-eight (48) hours after the conclusion of said game, by E-mail or fax, stating therein the grounds for such protest. No protest may be filed in connection with any game played during the regular season after midnight of the day of the last game of the regular schedule. A protest in connection with a playoff game must be filed not later than midnight of the day of the game protested. A game may be protested only by a Governor, Alternate Governor or Head Coach. The right of protest shall inure not only to the immediately allegedly aggrieved con-testants, but to any other member who can show an interest in the grounds of protest and the results that might be attained if the protest were allowed. Each E-mail or fax of protest shall be immediately confirmed by letter and no protest shall be valid unless the letter of confirmation is accompanied by a check in the sum of $10,000 payable to the Association. If the member filing the protest prevails, the $10,000 is to be refunded. If the member does not prevail, the $10,000 is to be for-feited and retained in the Association treasury.

"Upon receipt of a protest, the Commissioner shall at once notify the member operating the opposing team in the game protested and require both of said mem-bers within five (5) days to file with him such evidence as he may desire bearing upon the issue. The Commissioner shall decide the question raised within five (5) days after receipt of such evidence."

You can see that if the Jazz legitimately feel as if they have been screwed out a game they must pay the $10,000 payment in order to challenge the game. If you watched the game, there is a good chance you think there were two vital bad calls. First was the time left on the clock after the Miami turnover. The question is, did Utah have possession of the ball before the shot clock expired? If they did, the refs made the right call. But, if Joe Ingles didn't have the ball in possession then a shot clock violation should have occurred. This would have lead the Jazz to have 5+ seconds on the clock, giving the Jazz a better opportunity. This would have made Rudy Gobert's put back count and the Jazz would have won the game. So, obviously we need to understand if there was an incorrect call by the refs on the possible shot clock violation.

The other missed call occurred when Tyler Johnson held Joe Johnson as he attempted to jump for the tip in shot after Hayward's missed shot. The Miami Heat were in the penalty. If this was indeed a foul, you can make up your mind about it, then the Utah Jazz have 2 free throws shot by Joe Johnson, who is a fair free throw shooter. This would have lead to a overtime at the least and a win at the most. Therefore if the Jazz believe it was a foul there is a reason to file protest.

Obviously I wrote this up really quick, but let me know in the comments below what you think. I would love to have a discussion. So I will start. I think legit the Jazz should file protest, because Ed Malloy and his crew made huge mistakes that lost the game for the Jazz. I think the Jazz should pony up the small sum of 10K in order to show their players that they DO believe in them.

Thanks for reading, if anyone read this.

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