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Utah Jazz “Friday for the Weekend” Episode 008

Zach Lowe; Utah Jazz on a precipice; Harry Potter; and experiencing another culture

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Breakfast Discussion

A wonderful article by Zach Lowe of ESPN about the Utah Jazz appeared recently.

Zach mentions that the Jazz are “sick of hearing how they are on the precipice” and “how all the numbers underlying their ho-hum record hint at the great team lurking beneath.”

Zach paints a picture of the tough decisions ahead for the team and the limited information (due to injuries) that is currently available to make said decisions. Additionally, some interesting tid-bits about incentives in Jazz contracts and Hayward’s summer workouts are included. For instance, the Jazz include incentives in many of their contracts that provide bonuses for players to stick around over the summer months; and Hayward reached out to Kobe Bryant for help on his midrange game.

It’s definitely worth the read; here is the link to the full article:

Another piece of information - despite the Jazz’s 16-10 record (good for 6th place in the West and 1st in the Northwest division), the team is 4th overall in net rating; behold:

Hopefully the team can get healthy and we can see what a fully operationally Death Star Jazz team can do.

Worst Analogy

Phew, there were several entries for the 007 episode of the Worst Analogy Championship Belt (WACB). Here is a list of the contenders:

15,806 assists - Jaws = Q, the gondola = Shelvin Mack, James Bond = HansenJames, and the plot of the movie = Exum’s career.

Chowda - thinks Mark Eaton could have played the part of Jaws, but the way Jaws runs reminds him of Fesenko; tram operator = ownership/management; nerdy/secretly hot girl = Dante; James Bond = John Amaechi (though the Roger Moore James Bond = Trey Burke); Dr. Goodhead = Q; Drax = Favors’ knee, Hill’s toe and thumb, Hayward’s finger, Hood’s hamstring, Burks’ various malfunctioning parts, and Dante’s psyche (also could be Trump); and James Harden = Pussy Galore.

Fesenko for President - Big ugly villain = Utah Jazz; James Bond = GSW; James Bond’s love interest = GSW fans/NBA bandwagon fans; gondola operator = Dennis Lindsey; geeky blond girl = Utah Jazz fans.

Big_B - James Bond = Boris Diaw; video clip = Jazz - Heat game; Jaws = Bolomboy; tram controller = Q; and the fans = the ladies (i.e. Dr. Goodhead and geeky blonde girl).

These were all great to read and you should go back and read them to see each poster’s reasoning for their comparisons.

Fesenko for President also revealed his skills as a worst analogist were honed over years of “sitting in on many LDS fast and testimony meetings and listening to LDS church members analogize just about anything that has happened to them [as] some type of spiritual experience or important life lesson”. I have to admit this is actually how I came up with this idea; back in my college days, I was at one of my friend’s apartment and a documentary about elephants was on television. I told her that I would relate that documentary to the gospel in Sunday School the next day; I did, the teacher looked at me like I was an alien and my friend and I had a good laugh.

Back to the WACB, this week the belt goes to Chowda as he seems to have an intimate working knowledge of James Bond films and the films’ characters, and his analogy was well thought out. Thank you for all who participated!

For this week’s WACB, I found a Harry Potter clip, well not the Harry Potter you and your kids remember (my daughters love it; I apologize in advance):

Cap Space

This past week, my wife and I attended a Hindu/Sikh wedding (one family was Hindu and the other Sikh; they had both types of wedding ceremonies performed). The event was held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and started Friday night at the Hyde night club (the families rented out the night club for the evening) and ended Sunday with brunch. The reason I tell you this is that they had a baraat Saturday morning.

For those not familiar with a baraat, it is a where the bridegroom travels to the wedding venue on a mare and is accompanied by his family members. This was accomplished by the bridegroom riding a horse from the bottom of the Bellagio entrance to the top of the entrance with family and friends walking in front of him as a drummer (hand drums) drummed and it was a very joyous occasion for everyone except for those cars trying to get to the Bellagio and who were held up for 20 minutes by the procession.

This was my first foray to both a Hindu and a Sikh wedding, and it was wonderful to experience another culture for a couple of days.