Last minute Hayward

I was just reading about Durant's clutch and last minute shooting (a take off on if he'd have made the shot at the end of the GSW/Cav game had he not been fouled), and came across the following:
"[Durant] also attempted the most field goals (38) in the final minute of the fourth quarter or overtime last season, and shot 39.5 percent — a moderate percentage when compared to Kyle Lowry (46.2 percent), Dirk Nowitzki (50 percent), and Gordon Hayward (53.8 percent)."
Does this mean Hayward had the best shooting percentage in the NBA in the last minute of games last year? Or were there (qualifying) others the author of the above didn't include? (Could someone that knows where to find these stats look such up?) Either way, 53.8% is pretty good and, while that subset of shots isn't exactly the same as clutch/game-on-the-line shooting, it's a piece of evidence that maybe Hayward is better in such situations than is often portrayed (e.g., on this site).

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