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The Downbeat #1843: The All Star Weekend Edition

Welcome to your Friday Downbeat!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Its officially All-Star Weekend. The Jazz may not have any players in Sunday night's game but we do have sophomores and a rookie that will be in Toronto for the Friday night fun.

. @utahjazz Rising Stars @TreyMambaLyles @RaulTogni and Rodney Hood are on @SiriusXMNBA right now

Good luck to our players.

If we had to form our best USA vs the World teams made up of entirely former and current Jazz players. Who would be on your teams? And who would win?

Remember when Rudy shined

Hayward is a nerd. Just kidding. But he does fight against that stereotype in an article he wrote about video games for the Player Tribune. I am not a gamer but the article was pretty interesting even to me.

Now when the Xbox came out, that was really a game-changer (in a manner of speaking). It wasn’t even the Xbox specifically, but how gaming was changing around the time that Xbox came out. Suddenly, video game bragging rights weren’t reserved for arcades and sleepovers with friends. Now everyone in the world who shared a common interest in a game could be connected online. The world became one gigantic living room: a very loud, lewd, amazing — at times annoying — but by every measure incredible, living room.

A large chunk of my free time during high school was spent in my basement playing Halo. That was all I wanted to do. School dances? For the birds. It was Master Chief or bust. And I wouldn’t change anything.

It's less than a week till the NBA trade deadline. Will the Jazz make a move? Do you want them to or after that 7 game winning streak or we more content to stand pat?

Rudy and Quin wish you a happy weekend