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All Star 2016 Dunk Contest, Three Point Contest, Skills Challenge

Four big events tonight, how many will you watch?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Everything heats up on All-Star Saturday night. Here are the events, and the rosters for each event:

Time EVENT Sponsor Broadcast
1 9:00 AM MT NBA All-Star Practice NBA TV
2 11:00 AM MT Inside Stuff NBA TV
3 11:30 AM MT The Starters NBA TV
4 12:00 PM MT NBA D-League All-Star Game Kumho Tire NBA TV
5 5:00 PM MT TNT NBA Tip-Off AutoTrader TNT
6 5:00 PM MT Commissioner Adam Silver Media Availability NBA TV &
7 6:00 PM MT All-Star Saturday Night State Farm TNT
Skills Challenge Taco Bell
Three-Point Contest Foot Locker
Slam Dunk Contest Verizon
8 8:30 PM MT NBA GameTime NBA TV
9 8:30 PM MT All-Star Saturday Night News Conferences

NBA D-League All-Star Game:

There were a lot of guys who had to be replaced in this one.

Player Team Player Team
1 Ricky Ledo * Reno G 1 Jimmer Fredette Westchester G
2 Tu Holloway * Texas G 2 Jordan McRae Delaware G
3 Will Cummings Rio Grande Valley G 3 Quinn Cook * Canton G
4 Xavier Munford Bakersfield G 4 Scott Suggs * Toronto G
5 Vander Blue Los Angeles G 5 Sean Kilpatrick Delaware G
6 Brandon Ashley Texas F 6 Tre Kelley Sioux Falls G
7 Justin Harper Los Angeles F 7 Jarnell Stokes Sioux Falls F
8 Raphiael Putney Rio Grande Valley F 8 Rondald Roberts Jr. Toronto F
9 Vincent Hunter Reno F 9 Alex Stephenson Iowa C
10 Cady Lalanne * Austin C 10 Jordan Bachynski * Westchester C
11 Jeff Ayres Idaho C 11 Keith Benson * Sioux Falls C
12 Michael Eric Texas C 12 Rakeem Christmas Fort Wayne C
All-Stars who were replaced * All-Stars who were replaced *
Player Team Situation Player Team Situation
1 Erick Green Reno Called Up 1 Keith Appling Erie Injured
2 Orlando Johnson Austin Called Up 2 Jordan Mickey Maine Injured
3 Elliot Williams Santa Cruz Left League 3 Lorenzo Brown Grand Rapids Injured
4 DeAndre Liggins Sioux Falls Injured

The Idaho Stamps have our #1 draft pick in the game, bigman Ayres nee Pendergraph. So watch him, I guess? Or instead, watch Jimmer. Or watch our draft pick Stokes. Or be like most of us, and don't watch this game.

Taco Bell Skill's Challenge

The format for this remains the same, but the bracket now includes bigmen. This seems . . . awful?

Player Team Bracket
1 Isaiah Thomas Boston Celtics Guards
2 Emmanuel Mudiay * Denver Nuggets Guards
3 Jordan Clarkson Los Angeles Lakers Guards
4 C.J. McCollum Portland Trail Blazers Guards
5 Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans Bigs
6 Draymond Green Golden State Warriors Bigs
7 DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings Bigs
8 Karl-Anthony Towns Minnesota Timberwolves Bigs
INJ Patrick Beverley * Houston Rockets

All Star Weekend 2016 BBVA Bracket

My money is on McCollum. But that could just be because he has torched the Jazz this season, all season long.

Foot Locker Three Point Contest

Games Total Per Game Percentage
Player Team Played M A M A %
1 J.J. Redick Los Angeles Clippers 49 130 273 2.65 5.57 47.62%
2 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors 50 245 540 4.90 10.80 45.37%
3 Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors 50 161 383 3.22 7.66 42.04%
4 Khris Middleton Milwaukee Bucks 54 104 257 1.93 4.76 40.47%
5 Devin Booker Phoenix Suns 48 56 139 1.17 2.90 40.29%
6 Kyle Lowry Toronto Raptors 52 145 370 2.79 7.12 39.19%
7 Chris Bosh Miami Heat 53 81 222 1.53 4.19 36.49%
8 James Harden Houston Rockets 55 155 437 2.82 7.95 35.47%

I'm just going to say that it will be a huge upset if Curry doesn't win. So I am rooting for that.

Verizon Slam Dunk Contest

Player Team
1 Zach LaVine Minnesota Timberwolves (Defending Champ)
2 Aaron Gordon Orlando Magic
3 Will Barton Denver Nuggets
4 Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons

This one is Zach's to lose. And once again, All-Star Saturday night will end with a downer contest. Bring back Vince Carter!