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NBA All-Star Game 2016: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and more

This is the big show!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA All-Star game is the crescendo of a week-long celebration of the NBA. This is the big game that matters most. Well, it's the best (non-injured) players playing in a game, all together at the same time, under the brightest lights. For the NBA Marketing department this is a biggie. And in terms of the employees working on something at the same time, for the NBA this is second only to the NBA Finals. In some cases, it's bigger. This year is the first time the game, the weekend, the celebration has been taken out of the USA. It's in Toronto, one of the two Canadian expansion teams from 1995. And it's being hosted by the only remaining Canadian club. I think the #416 / #905 have earned this one. And from as far as I can tell, everyone seems to be having a great time.

Time EVENT Sponsor Broadcast
1 9:30 AM MT NBA Legends Brunch
2 3:00 PM MT NBA GameTime NBA TV
3 5:00 PM MT NBA Tip-Off AutoTrader TNT
4 6:30 PM MT NBA All-Star Game TNT
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But this is about the game. And not, well, the legends brunch.

West All-Stars Team POS East All-Stars Team POS
1 Stephen Curry Warriors PG 1 Kyle Lowry Raptors PG
2 Russell Westbrook Thunder PG 2 Dwyane Wade Heat SG
3 Kobe Bryant Lakers "SF" 3 Paul George Pacers SF/SG
4 Lawhi Leonard Spurs SF 4 Carmelo Anthony Knicks SF/PF
5 Kevin Durant Thunder SF/PF 5 LeBron James Cavaliers SF/PF
6 Chris Paul Clippers PG 6 Isaiah Thomas Celtics PG
7 James Harden Rockets SG 7 DeMar DeRozan Raptors SG/SF
8 Klay Thompson Warriors SG/SF 8 ??? ??? ???
9 Draymond Green Warriors PF/C 9 Paul Millsap Hawks PF
10 Anthony Davis Pelicans PF/C 10 Chris Bosh Heat PF/C
11 LaMarcus Aldridge Spurs PF/C 11 Pau Gasol Bulls PF/C
12 DeMarcus Cousins Kings C 12 Andre Drummond Pistons C
INJ Jimmy Butler Bulls SG
INJ John Wall Wizards PG

I'm writing this on Friday morning, and Wall was just announced to be injured. I don't know who is going to replace him, or if anyone will. I'll have to update this as we get more info. I don't know who is going to be the MVP, but it's likely to be the guard who has the ball the most and passes the least. So, yeah, Curry fits the bill as a "point guard" doing that. Heck, Westbrook was the MVP last year. Times have changed . . .