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The Downbeat #1854: Got Spurred?

Its your Friday Downbeat.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jazz spurs. Jazz lose. Diana sad.

So if it seems like Jazz fans are upset at the refs more than other fans are upset at refs, there is a solid reason behind that. Andy did the dirty work and came up with this.

How does it make you feel? How many losses does that translate to? Does it?

This is how I feel. Thanks Nancy!


The Jazz halftime act had a guy balancing things on his chin. It cracked me up and mesmerized me. He balanced all kinds of thing like fire extinguishers, Jazz signs, he did on the court, he did it on a ladder. It was so entertaining. Here he is with a table and a bike on his chin. ON HIS CHIN!

table chin

What would you like to be able to balance on your chin?

The Spurs game was frustrating. The whole game felt like the Spurs were toying with us. Even when we had the lead it felt like we didn't because as BBJ tweeted

What do the Jazz have to do to take the next step? Because seriously hovering around .500 is frustrating. Wondering which Hayward is going to show is frustrating (yes I know Kawhi was guarding him but yes I know other STAR players are guarded by good defenders and show up). Favors had a nice game. I don't know what's wrong with Gobert. Hood was nice. Our point guard situation is kind of weird right now. Yes I know it's the Spurs and we were in it for a long time so that counts for something. but please let me have my late night rant. I am not happy with a 28-29 record, it somehow seems like underachieving even with the injuries. Go Jazz but go be better.