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Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward is on course to make franchise history

Gordon is actually doing something very few have

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

This season is going to go down to the wire for the Utah Jazz. They don't seem to want to make life easier for themselves, but the flip side there is that means every game from here on out actually matters. After about three seasons of games that didn't matter at all this is a nice change for us fans. Another nice change for us fans is that we seem to be on the verge of seeing one of our guys hit a very rare franchise mark. Gordon Hayward is in his third year as the first option and while he hasn't been Kevin Durant out there, he has improved his scoring average every since year of his career. As a rookie he averaged only 5.4 ppg, but that's moved up to 11.8, 14.1, 16.2, 19.3, and now this season he's at 20.0 ppg. (It's 20.02 ppg if you are going to another decimal place.) Hitting 20 is rare. It's only happened 40 times before in our four decade history. And among those four times, it's been spread out between just 10 players including G-time.

New Orleans Utah Jazz History 20 Point Scorers

First off, yes, Karl Malone with his 17 seasons scoring 20+ ppg is off the charts. Secondly, if Gordon keeps this up he's going to be in very rare company in Utah. Fans were force fed so much Al Jefferson, but he didn't even score as much as Boozer ever did. Gordon Hayward is a natural leader who is developing still, years after his rookie year. I think 20 ppg would be great for him and for us, the fans.

Keep it up!