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(The Day After) Thank A Mailman Day - The Downbeat - #1838

Yesterday was Thank A Mailman Day! Of course, no one loves our Mailman more than us Jazz fans, right?

(H/T @prodigyJF)

And speaking of the Mailman, ESPN is compiling its All-Time NBA Rank. It published #16-20 today, and "the state of Utah is well-repped." Also well represented is the 1992 Dream Team, with four of the five spots going to original Dream Team members.

John Stockton came in 19th, while Karl Malone scored the 16th spot.

Too high? Too low? About right?

Caption this:

Ex-Warriors assistant Brian Scalabrine describes ‘dysfunctional’ events leading up to Mark Jackson firing him.

Mark Jackson is who we always knew him to be. Not that we needed more evidence of this or anything.

Was randomly thinking about this the other day: Who are the top five most famous (to Jazz fans) regulars at Jazz home games? There's Jerry Sloan, obviously. And then there's the Pink Grandmas and Doc. What about the dancing fan? You know which one I'm talking about.

Who makes your top five?