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Utah Jazz guard Trey Burke to miss game against Phoenix Suns

Not a bad time to stay at home

I'd feel sick too if I had to use a Mac
I'd feel sick too if I had to use a Mac
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As reported late last night by Utah Jazz radio personality David Locke, Trey Burke did not make it on the plane to Phoenix. I am assuming that his flu-like symptoms have hampered him for a while to the point that Quin Snyder and the rest of the on-court decision makers decided to keep him in Utah. The Jazz are already without starting point guard Dante Exum, and combo guard Alec Burks -- however, Erick Green was signed to a second 10-Day contract. That contract will expire during the All-Star Break. Both Green and Burke played three minutes last night. Snyder has been leaning more on Joe Ingles at times during the month and I suspect he will do so again tonight against the Phoenix Suns.

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The Suns aren't so hot right now either. Eric Bledsoe has a torn meniscus in his left knee and is out for the rest of the season. Brandon Knight has a left adductor strain and is supposed to be out for the All-Star Break and hopes to return after. And Ronnie Price has a right big toe surgery rehab going on. So, who is left? Archie Goodwin. So for the Jazz holding Trey out right now isn't that harmful. It's not a bad time to sit a game out and get healthy, particularly if his poorer play this week was a consequence of ill health.

Phoenix is supposed to be motivated after firing a head coach. Earl Watson seems to just have inherited the headache that Jeff Hornacek finally got rid of. The Suns have lost six in a row, 12 of their last 13, and 21 of their last 23. It would be awful to lose today to them.

Back to Trey, he has played in 49 of 49 games for the Jazz this season. This will be his first game missed of the season. During 2015-2016 almost everyone has spend some time out, with Trey missing tonight the only guy to have played in all of them will be Gordon Hayward.