The Core

Tapping the free agent market to get the Jazz to the playoffs wont work unless we have a good solid core to build upon. I love Favors, Hayward and Gobert, but currently these guys don’t deliver the 20 and 10 every night that they need too. They have not figured out how to "impose their will" on an opposing team yet. Hayward is starting to move that direction, but only in the 4th Qtr and only when the game is in question. Favors and Gobert have impressive outings, but they are mixed in around poor outings, they need a little more consistency.
Hood looks like he could be the 2/3 for that core, but most of his successes come from isolation plays where he needs to create his own shot. He is good at it, but I would love to see him start shooting in rhythm off a curl/screen.
Then there is the three headed monster that is Burke, Neto and Mack, all good players but each is lacking in some fashion what a "Floor General" needs. Consistency and vision.
After all that being said, the core is limited as to what they can do by the offensive scheme. If anything needs to be tweaked it is the offense. There needs to be more slashing to the basket, passing out of the triple teams, and a few shots off of screens and pick and rolls, learn how to do them.
The future is bright but growth is painful, but it is the core that needs to be built up and stabilized before the bench can be put together.

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