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The Downbeat #1867: Stop with the Losses, Utah Jazz.

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Welcome to your Friday Downbeat.

A pic of Raul just to make Diana happy.
A pic of Raul just to make Diana happy.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz take on the Washington Wizards tonight. The Jazz have lost two in a row, They have lost 10 of 13 games. Things are ugly with the Utah Jazz. They now sit six games under .500.  Our resident expert said it best

Gordon Monson talked about the Jazz's woes in his latest article for the Tribune. I don't always agree with what Monson writes but I did agree with this article.

Now, the Jazz don't look so fine.

They look discombobulated and frustrated. They've lost seven of their last eight, and that's not the worst of it. OK, that is the worst of it, but bad, too, is the way in which they've lost. They've missed open shots. They've chucked the ball around the floor as though it were a cache of nitroglycerin. They've not executed to the level of Quin Snyder's liking. They've played beneath themselves, not all the time, but too much of the time. The rest of it, they've played even with themselves, which hasn't been high enough. The growth that had been so apparent with this young team has turned, here and there, to vapor.

They made a move for additional help at point guard, acquiring Shelvin Mack, which, while not being any kind of landmark deal, seemed like a decent idea at the time. But Mack hasn't brought the cheese. The Jazz are 3-9 since he was inserted into the starting lineup, and Raul Neto and Trey Burke were dropped down a notch.

Something doesn't seem right since then.

A lot of things.

By the numbers alone, Burke should be the starter at point. There are whispers, though, that there are reasons beyond what happens on the court that Burke is not the starter.

Blaming Mack for the Jazz's bump and skid would be unfair and erroneous, but it causes one to wonder if the very thing that Dennis Lindsey has tried to run away from — a disruption of chemistry — has stirred into the club's mix. Maybe the disruption was already there.

Did Dennis mess with chemistry? Was there a disruption before and what is  it?

I haven't had a Twitter rant in a long time but I did yesterday. I didn't "expect" the Jazz to beat the Warriors. But I am tired of how the Jazz have played for quite a while now. Here is my rant.

Despite their losses on the court the Jazz continue to do good things in the community. During Tuesday's night game against the Hawks, the Jazz presented a $5000 check to Intermountain Healing Heart.

In addition to the $5,000 donation, the children of Intermountain Healing Hearts received a special visit during an outing at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City from the Jazz Stunt Team and MACU President and CEO Sterling Nielsen, along with tickets to Tuesday’s game and on-court recognition.

This season’s "Pass It Along" recipients include Neighborhood House, National Ability Center, Utah Honor Flight and Kauri Sue Hamilton School.

Remember Adam Keefe? Here are a few things he had to say about playing for Jerry Sloan. Check out Moni's post for many other things he had to say, including what is was like to have Karl Malone as a teammate, what the finals teams were like, and more!  (Thanks Moni for the transcript!)

What was it like playing for Jerry Sloan?
[He treated everyone the same.] That’s exactly how he coached. And he expected Karl and John to be on time and run hard in line drills and do everything that the guys who weren’t playing a lot were gonna do. I think everyone would say he was a very fair coach. He was very forthright and upfront.

You know, he w–there was no politics behind his style of coaching. And you know, more than anything, you appreciated that. You just wanted someone to evaulate you on your ability to contribute to the team, which is what I think his greatest strength was.

And I — even to this day, I think that maybe the legacy of Jerry Sloan is seen in the Spurs organization with Gregg Popovich. There’s no doubt that Popovich kind of modeled what he wanted to do after Sloan and the Jazz, and you’ve seen the success they’ve had.

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