Shelvin Mack, Trey Burke, and Snyder

Quin Snyder was a point guard. He has also written the book on the quintessential point guard-centric play, the pick and roll. He is cerebral, patient (and emotional) and has a lot of experience working with the masters of the game.

Shelvin Mack is a known quantity for Snyder. Snyder as an assistant with Atlanta seems to have been a player development guy, judging from comments and stories by Paul Millsap and Demarre Carrol. Snyder also has a lot of experience judging and associating with Trey Burke, Exum, and Raul Neto.

So, what do we have? We have an expert on the point guard position making a move for a guy he knows very well and then inserting him over Neto and Burke. Given Snyder's vast experience and expertise, we can assume that he has made a judgment call that Mack's ability, and ceiling, is better than what we had, and the results are supporting that so far.

At this point, I am fine with closing the book on Trey Burke as our centerpiece and point guard. It's not going to happen. He just isn't good enough. You don't grab a third-stringer off another team to be your starter when you have hope and trust in your current point guard staff. Burke's current ceiling has lowered to being a Nate Robinson or J.J. Barea-type player. I don't think he can be effective outside that role.

I don't know what the future holds for our point guard staff, but I'd imagine Burke gets dealt in the summer as he is now expendable with Mack and Neto being the presumed backups for Exum. It sucks to see it turn out this way, but you have to trust Snyder's expertise in this matter. He has more technical knowledge, personal knowledge, and personal risk involved in this scenario than anyone else.

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