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Utah Jazz History: How many wins after 62 games is average?

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A chart that shows . . . um . . . possibly good things?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz have risen and fallen a few times now. I saw them go from a team causing problems in the 1988 second round to one that would make it to the Western Conference Finals five times in seven seasons -- and then fall pretty far after that. I also got to see the team make the Western Conference Finals for the sixth time in their history with an all-new core, only to never return there again. This is beginning to look like a kinematics problem with a ball losing energy with each successive time it hits the floor. Utah went to the playoffs one time after that with a new core, and failed to win a game.

Regular season success is often an indicator of playoff success. Are the Utah Jazz going to make the playoffs this year? I think they will, many of you think they will win at least 10 more games this year. But the bottom line is that they have to finish strong and win these games. Will they? We don't know. We hope to see better play. But honestly, all bets are off.

What is on the table is a look back at the last 25 years of Jazz basketball, and to see where the teams have been at the 62/82 game mark.

1992 2016 Utah Jazz Wins after 62 Games

So if you are just looking at this it doesn't look good. (Also, yeah, the bar colors are different, they represent different era of Jazz basketball: from John Stockton and Karl Malone; to the dark years; to the Deron Williams / Carlos Boozer era; to Tyrone Corbin at the helm; and to this new green period.) For the full 25 season history the Jazz are 910-640 after 62 games, that's a winning percentage of 58.71% -- which translates to 36 wins in 62 tries. (N.B. In the lockout shortened 50 game season in 2000, I had to include all the playoff games to get close, but even then it was only a 61 game season.)

Using observational techniques we can see that 29 is less than 36.

If we just look at the last five seasons, though, the Jazz have gone 140-170 by the 62 game mark cumulative, for a winning percentage of just 45.16%. This averages out to winning 28 games. So. Well. 29 is larger than 29.

So we're on the up swing. Even if this season, injury plagued as it was, still ranks as the 4th lowest win season by the 62 game mark in 25 years.

With 20 games left in this regular season the Jazz have work to do. But I believe in them.