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Dallas Mavericks 101, Utah Jazz 92: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Utah's playoff hopes are bleak after a home loss to their rivals in the postseason chase.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Former Jazzman Deron Williams led Dallas with 23 points and six assists as the Mavericks did this to the Utah Jazz's playoff hopes:

The game really hinged on this, though:

Gobert's ankle wasn't broken, we later learned, but he played only 12 minutes. That, combined with Derrick Favors' obvious discomfort from a weekend injury that kept him out against Denver, left the Jazz to rely on Trey Lyles, Trevor Booker and Jeff Withey (!) in the paint.

It didn't go well.

Gordon Hayward, meanwhile, scored 26 points with six assists, but missed his first eight three-point attempts, finally making one in the final minute when the game was gone. Combined, the Jazz shot 9-33 from long distance, or 27.3 percent. A certain stretch in the second half featured the Mavericks just packing the paint and letting the Jazz fire miss after miss, in "Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing" fashion:

More in tomorrow's Downbeat. Playoff hopes are bleak. Commiserate below.