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NBA Playoffs 2016: Western Conference Standings - While you were sleeping April 13th

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The last of the season . . .

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

I guess I should at least finish off the season with less of a whimper than my guys have over the last week. There were only two games featuring West teams last night, and fourteen of fifteen are in action on this, the last day of the regular season. Let's see what's happened while you were sleeping.

Western Conference Cheat Sheet:

2015 2016 WYWS - April 04 13 2016

The Good:

  • Nothing good happened

The Bad:

  • Nothing bad happened either

The Meh:

The Chase:

  • The following teams are locked in their order: [1] Golden State Warriors, [2] San Antonio Spurs, [3] Oklahoma City Thunder, [4] Los Angeles Clippers, [12] New Orleans Pelicans, [13] Minnesota Timberwolves, [14] Phoenix Suns, and [15] Los Angeles Lakers
  • So it doesn't matter if those teams win or lose. In fact, the bad teams could win while the good teams lose, and no one cares.
  • The big deal is still the resolution for the 8th and final playoff spot in the West, between the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz. If the Rockets beat the Sacramento Kings then they are in, period. And Sacramento is resting almost all of their players and firing their head coach at the end of the game. Utah would need to beat the Los Angeles Lakers and have the Kings win to be in.
  • The playoff seeds in the bottom half of the West aren't yet decided, heck, Dallas could somehow finagle their way to the #5 seed, and a week or two ago they were #9. A lot of stuff still has to happen tonight for the Trail Blazers, Mavericks, and Grizzlies. Those three teams could all tie with 43-39 records this year. For reals.
  • Also, the Sacramento Kings and Denver Nuggets are tie for ping pong balls right now, the Kings are maximizing their ability to lose their last game.

Tonight's Games:

  • [1] Golden State Warriors vs. [7] Memphis Grizzlies -- Warriors are going for history tonight, their 73th win in 82 tries
  • [2] San Antonio Spurs @ [6] Dallas Mavericks -- Mavs want to win, Spurs are not playing anyone good tonight
  • [4] Los Angeles Clippers @ [14] Phoenix Suns -- Both teams are locked into their spots, no need for anyone good to play. Expect Devin Booker buckets.
  • [5] Portland Trail Blazers vs. [11] Denver Nuggets -- With Dallas sure to win, Portland needs to as well
  • [8] Houston Rockets vs. [10] Sacramento Kings -- Kings don't care, Rockettes do
  • [9] Utah Jazz @ [15] Los Angeles Lakers -- Kobe Bryant 's last game. Whoop-de-damn-do.
  • [12] New Orleans Pelicans @ [13] Minnesota Timberwolves -- Go Wolves, I guess?

For the Jazz, it's very simple. Win and hope the Kings do too.