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How to Utah Jazz fan again in 7 Easy Steps: Step 2 - New Utah Jazz Logo & Uniforms

The 2nd step in a 7 step recovery plan for Utah Jazz fans on the mend. These seven easy steps will help you to regain hope and excitement for next season. Step 2: Time for a makeover - New Utah Jazz Logo & Uniforms

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The 2015-2016 Utah Jazz season is over. All those lucky socks that resulted in numerous painful close losses have finally been washed. The Stockton and Malone jerseys have been returned to their offseason resting place in the closet. The NBA League Pass app has been deleted from your phone, and it's time to rediscover what it's like to not have firm plans after 7:00 MST again.

But beneath it all, the urge of Jazz fandom runs deep.

You keep checking twitter as if there's another game to be played.

You keep refreshing eagerly waiting for some news to break.

You check the injury report out of habit, someone must have got hurt today.

You talk to your friends about the Jazz in present tense as if the Jazz could still make the playoffs.

You went to your favorite sports bar only to discover that Pacers vs Raptors was playing.

You flipped the channel to Root Sports and watched a Rockies game. You're not even a Rockies fan. You just wanted to see those familiar graphics and commercials.

You keep telling your wife about how you think Dante Exum grew and is now 6'9", you think. It's hard to tell from the photos. But you know.

If you have done even one of these things, you're an addict. A Jazz addict.

You're a glutton for pain and remorse. But luckily there's a 7 step plan for recovery. If you follow this plan you'll slowly feel the pain of missing the playoffs turn into hope and excitement for the next season. Guaranteed.

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Step 2

New Utah Jazz Logo and Uniforms

Now that you have a newfound knowledge of NBA prospects and have dappled your feet in an NBA broadcast, it is time to move on to Step 2.  Step 2 is different in that it isn't going to require you to divert your time and emotions into other people.  This step is designed to help you look into your soul and to rediscover who you are.  Who are you?

A Utah Jazz fan.

How do you love yourself again, you may ask?  You can't look at your Utah Jazz memorabilia without feeling sorrow and remorse.  You can't pick up your Gordon Hayward jersey without having memories of the Dallas Mavericks punching you through the chest and taking out your still beating heart.  This is pain.  This is suffering.

You are more than that.  You are a fan of a team that has rich history in winning.  In the past, Utah Jazz fans never looked at a calendar to know if summer was almost here, they just looked for the playoffs logo on the court.  That was the first sign of summer.  That's your history.

How do you remember that history?  Through a logo redesign and new uniforms.

But isn't that speculation?  Nope.  It's coming.

Back in February, it was made known that the Utah Jazz would be changing its primary logo.  Most likely ditching the mountains and officially establishing the Note as the official logo.  This is where you come in.  You will watch that logo unveiling and uniform fashion show.  This will be a time of celebrating the good old days of when the note was king.

When 7'4" set the blocks in a season record.

When Dr. Dunkenstein ruled the skies.

When victories were delivered by a Mailman.

When some white kid from Spokane made assists look as easy as dribbling a ball.

This logo change and new uniform unveiling is going to remember the past, put to bed the disappointing present, and look forward to the exciting future.  One that will hearken to the success of the past.  This will be a celebration.  This will be a time to remember who you are.  A Utah Jazz fan.

So what do we know about the new logo and uniforms?  We know at least two of the colors will be blue and gold. How do we know this?  Because of the Salt Lake City Stars logo and jerseys.  They redesigned them to bring them more in harmony with the Utah Jazz brand.  We know the note will be featured prominently with the Utah Jazz as well.  How do we know that?  The Salt Lake City Stars logo and jerseys.  Take a look:

Salt Lake City Stars Logo

Salt Lake City Stars Uniforms

The Stars jerseys feature the Jazz note logo on the shorts.  So that will most likely be part of the Jazz's redesign.  Whether it's the new secondary logo or tertiary logo, we don't know.

When will the release of the new Utah Jazz logo and uniforms be?  Shortly before the NBA Draft. That has been the usual release of the logo and jerseys so that the brand new rookie can hoist up a fresh looking Utah Jazz jersey.

Here's the important part.  The mountain logo wasn't that good.  Yes, it's history and reminds us of Larry Miller, but it's not the Jazz.  So say it with me, "The Mountain logo isn't Jazz."


What are your hopes for the redesign?


  1. Look for rumors detailing how the new logo and jerseys will look.
  2. Watch the unveiling.
  3. Tune in to to read what others think about the new look.
  4. Comment or write a fan post with your reaction to the unveiling.
  5. If you got the money, purchase some new swag with the new logo. Time for a fresh start.

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