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The Downbeat #1898: The Yellow and Blue Edition

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Welcome to your Friday Downbeat!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Okay I admit it's hard. I haven't written for nearly a month, I think. I missed my usual Downbeat a few weeks ago because Lou and I took the most AMAZING trip to Chicago. it was the best trip ever. I love Chicago. I didn't really want to come home to the real world. I especially didn't like coming home to the Jazz losing to the Spurs, Clippers and whoever else while we were gone. But so is life, vacations end, playoff hopes end, and real life continues.

So I am not as excited about the offseason as Mylo is but I have been reading his series on

" HOW TO UTAH JAZZ FAN AGAIN IN 7 EASY STEPS" and so should you! Its great.

Speaking of offseason and summer. The Jazz made an announcement about their Summer League yesterday.

SALT CITY LAKE (April 21, 2016) – NBA action will return to Salt Lake City this summer with the 2016 Utah Jazz Summer League, presented by America First Credit Union and Siegfried & Jensen in association with the Utah Sports Commission, the team announced today. The Jazz will host the event at Vivint Smart Home Arena on July 4 and 5, before games shift to the University of Utah’s Huntsman Center on July 7. In addition to the Jazz, the six-game, four-team event will also feature the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers and San Antonio Spurs for the second straight season.

This was the pic that went a long with it

summer league

And this was the Stars


They are kind of really similar. I REALLY REALLY hope the Jazz's rebrand this season doesn't follow in this pattern. I am not a fan of just the yellow and the blue. I REALLY want the Note to stay and I REALLY like the 3 colors. I prefer the Mardi Gras colors (they had purpose and made us unique) Anyways, a rebrand of just yellow and blue even with the Note would be blah. I saw the tweet about Summer League and before reading I thought it had to do with the Warriors because of the color and design. Anyways my two cents.

Updates from last night's playoff games.  This first round has seemed like a snooze fest. Yay that GS won't sweep Houston (I guess.. I don't like sweeps) Crazy that two of the three home teams lost last night.


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