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Downbeat #1899: The Jazz Players Chilling edition

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Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Our Jazz players are out having fun and you should too!

So sit back, relax, and cruise through today's downbeat.

Here Trey Lyles demonstrates the focus, drive, and consistent celebrations skills it takes to be a champion both on and off the court:

The Utah Jazz gods of fertility blessed South Beach over the weekend, so keep an eye out for a few Gobert Jrs. and a few thousand Neto Jrs. popping up in no more than 10 months time.

Curry got hurt again in the first half of last night's game vs. the Rockets. (Warriors now lead the series 3 to 1)

Our very own French ambassador extended his olive branch in empathy as he himself has gone through some injuries. I also approve of the mixed message many people got from reading this tweet, interpreting it as Curry having a torn MCL and being out for months. Curry gets diagnosed today, and the MCL is likely the part that is likely sprained. The NBA world (and the Spurs championship chances) awaits to hear the results today.

Future Hall-of-Famer and best player of the generation after MJ: Tim Duncan.

He turns 40 today and ESPN ran some stats to show some impressive records from his career (those banks shots tho).

Also this is my weekly reminder to stop endorsing ESPN as they explicitly disrespect the Jazz on a regular basis. I am pretty sure Malone gets showed more in a Lakers' jersey on their site than a Jazz jersey.

TV spectacle Game of Thrones started back up last night with a season 6 premiere last night.

Which characters do you think certain players of the Jazz are best represented by?

My first take at a few of our players:

Gordon Hayward is Jon Snow, both trustworthy heartthrobs who both have their leadership skills questioned fairly often.

Trevor Booker is Khal Drogo, both fierce warriors who know how to intimidate.

Trey Burke is Stannis Baratheon, both getting told by the people around him that he deserves much more and at the heart of it, they themselves have a valiant go at trying to fulfill the people around them's expectations. Sadly, both fell a bit flat.

Dante Exum is Bran Stark, both completely absent from the limelight last season and suffering physical ailments, will either one of them be able to be the X-factor who saves their realm this year?

Fill in the comments your game of thrones-utah jazz comparisons! Who is most like Hodor?!