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The Downbeat #1901: King Sized Logo Edition

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Can the Utah Jazz's logo redesign get a royal treatment?

The Sacramento Kings put out their new logo yesterday.  It looks fresh.

Hopefully the Utah Jazz logo design is as fresh as these put forward by the Sacramento Kings.  From the archaic Lion dribbling with the ball to the lion infused with the basketball, it's amazing.  It tells the history of the team and the future. Nike and Adidas even worked together on the redesign.

The inclusion of both Nike and Adidas on the project is unusual, reflecting the potentially awkward timing of the Kings' makeover. It's widely expected that many NBA teams will be undergoing redesigns when Nike takes charge of the league's uniforms in 2017 (which is also when teams can start adding corporate advertising patches to their jerseys), but the Kings have chosen to update their look for the 2016-17 season -- the last year of the league's contract with Adidas.

One has to wonder if the Utah Jazz have had similar contact with Nike seeing as they will be taking over the contract in 2017-2018.  I think it's safe to assume that the Utah Jazz will be moving the note to full-time duty.  But after that it's open season on what the rest of the logo sets will be.  Will the Jazz take a forward approach and bring a Dribbling Brigham to the logo set?  Will they incorporate a note themed Beehive?  Will they have a logo shaped like the Great Salt Lake?  Will they have something like "This Is The Place" referencing Brigham Young when he decided on Utah?  One thing is for certain, the Utah Jazz will need to have a sweet promotion like Sacramento is doing right now:

Now if Utah did a promotion to incentivize people to incorporate the new logo into more of their daily lives, what would that be?  Here's some of my ideas:

  • Bring at least 3 of your kids and get 3 shirts and a onesie with the new logo on them. Because if you got 3 kids already and live in Utah, demographically speaking, you're going to have another kid.
  • Bring your minivan to a local auto body shop and get free Jazz logo inspired flames on your minivan.
  • Free Jazz logo inspired temporary tattoos. I mean, the Jazz are great, but my body is a temple, man.
  • Jazz colored hair extensions for women. Don't want to ruin that long blonde hair.
  • Crown Burger buns that are Jazz colored.

The USA Olympic team has released what the athletes will wear during the closing ceremonies.  WARNING: Extreme Ralph Lauren is about to follow.

David Blatt looks to have found a soft landing spot in New York City. Count me in as the ones that believe he should have another chance.  The reason David Blatt was hired in the first place in Cleveland was to develop the young talent Cleveland had there.  Then LeBron decided to return to Cleveland and the goals changed.  I think David Blatt will do an amazing job with Porzingis if they decide to go with him.

I know that Deron Williams has been the topic of much debate here at SLCDunk and in many Jazz circles, but this story about him and his family brought me home.  The story talks about Deron William's son, D.J., who has autism.  It has a ton of great things to say and shows a lot of Deron William's softer side.  I was impressed and I think you will be too.

Raising an Autistic Child, Deron Williams Discovers New Hope During National Awareness Month

Mavericks starting point guard Deron Williams had just aggravated a sports hernia and was heading back to the locker room to receive treatment. It was only the opening minute of Game 4 on Saturday—43 minutes ahead of him he knew he'd miss, and inevitably the rest of the season.

But a special guest and surprise moment, behind closed doors and away from the cameras, gave Williams the best distraction he needed in his state of dejection.

His wife, Amy, who was in attendance in Dallas, brought their six-year-old son named D.J., who has autism, to the locker room so he could watch the game with his father. It was a rare occurrence, and Williams was in awe that D.J. knew every player as he cheered for each one. D.J. also read off every player's name when he walked by each of their lockers, like ‘That's Wes Matthews! He's iron man!"

Last a finally, yesterday was the last day of How To Utah Jazz Fan Again.  In case you missed the seven part series you can just go to the link below and catch up through every post.  I hope you enjoyed them.  May the sting of the regular season heal like Dante Exum's knee.