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T-Minus 5...; Downbeat #1885

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Jazz smashed the Suns, have 5 games to go,Rudy rules, Return of Burks Pt. 2, Stampede news, and more!

This is it, the Jazz only have 5 games left to play this regular season

Tuesday at home vs. Spurs 7 PM (Would be a huge win in the highly unlikely chance we pull off a win)

Friday at home vs. Clippers 7 PM (Would also be a huge win in a more attainable game)

Sunday away game vs. Nuggets 3 PM (Jazz should win this if they don't overlook them)

Next Monday at home vs. Mavericks 7 PM (HUGE GAME! PLAYOFF IMPLICATIONS OUT THE WAZOO!)

Next Wednesday away game vs. Lakers 8:30 PM (Overpriced game, wish I could go, $700+ nosebleed seats, should be a blowout)

SLC Dunk superstar Spencer Cambell has got you covered with some solid vines from the game yesterday where the Jazz crushed the Suns 101-86:

This team is fun again!

Rudy Gobert is starting to get back in the groove of things and hitting his intimidating defensive stride once again!

Defensive Player of the Month: Rudy Gobert

An excerpt demonstrating his defensive prowess:

Overall, Gobert allowed the lowest field goal percentage at the rim in March among the 41 players to defend at least six shots per game at the cup, according to player tracking, and it's not close. Opponents shot just 40.3 percent against Gobert in these situations in March. The next closest player is LaMarcus Aldridge at 44.0 percent, and only 10 of the other 40 players allowed lower than 50 percent shooting at the rim.

Source: ESPN

Alec Burks is set to return this week, I repeat, Alec Burks is set to return this week.

Amar dropped an article this weekend over the news: Alec Burks poised to return this week.

My favorite paragraph from the post:

This is great news, as even I -- the eternal optimist -- was worried about seeing him return this season. Alec has missed 48 games this season (with the team going 26-22 over that span). While Utah did tread water without him his talents truly could have been helpful this season. In particular his ability to create his own shot, get to the line, and otherwise provide a scoring punch off the bench would have been nice on those nights where the Jazz offense stalls like a WWI biplane and starts crashing to the ground. Furthermore, the Jazz have great talent up front with their wing players in Gordon Hayward and Rodney Hood. But it's a rather shallow pool after that. No Burks meant thatJoe Ingles -- probably best as a 5th wing in a rotation at this stage -- was forced into playing 3rd wing minutes. Chris Johnson -- probably best as an in-active player -- was relied upon for important things every game and didn't deliver. Trey Burke has had to play shooting guard at times this year, which may end up being what he does in the NBA.

The Jazz's D-League team, the Idaho Stampede are primed with a return back to Utah next season.

SLC Dunk alumnus Andy Larsen's got you covered with the details over at KSL: Jazz-owned D-League team moving from Boise to Salt Lake City

Andy on a specific advantage that this move brings along with it for the Jazz:

The move closer to home is desirable for the Jazz for a number of reasons. The biggest is probably creating continuity of culture between the NBA team and the D-League team: having the Stampede and Jazz coaches in the same rooms more frequently will help standards remain consistent across the two teams. For players recovering from injury, a short rehab appearance for the local D-League team may make sense in some circumstances.

For young developing NBA-quality players, having the NBA and D-League franchise in the same city also means not having to choose between more playing time in professional games and practice time with the NBA team. For example, Josh Huestis, a late first-round pick with the Oklahoma City Thunder, was shuttled up and down from the Thunder to the Oklahoma City Blue, their D-League franchise, 30 times this season. That allowed Huestis to practice with the Thunder and be available for Thunder games if needed on short notice, while still getting him maximum playing time with the Blue. In other words, Huestis had the best of both worlds.

Tibor Pleiss, on the other hand, was only recalled and assigned 10 times. While that's still pretty frequent, that difference reflects the disadvantage of not having the NBA D-League franchise in the same town.

Source: KSL

Edit: the new team name and logo has already been announced, twitter account live as of 18 minutes ago: